Shakira’s ex wouldn’t return her Grammys

Shakira’s ex wouldn’t return her Grammys
Shakira’s ex wouldn’t return her Grammys

The disagreement after the separation of Shakira and Pique continues at full speed, reports the Spanish newspaper “La Razon”, according to which the former partners are fighting not only for the custody of their two children, but also for the possession of all the Grammy awards that the singer of “Hips Don’t Lie” has earned throughout her career. The tabloid reports that the singer wants the footballer to give her back the statuettes she won, which remained in his possession after the two finally ended their romantic relationship a few months ago, writes dir.

For the first time, the topic was raised a few days ago in the TV show “El Gordo y La Flaca”, in which the journalist Jordi Martin mentioned that the athlete has not yet returned the trophies to his ex-partner, continuing to keep them displayed in the office of the producer her company “Kosmos”, where she does not have access to them. The Colombian’s collection of honors totals fifteen golden gramophones, which she clearly wants to part with, which is only natural, given the fact that she has earned every single one of them. But, at least for now, he refuses to hand them over to her.

However, according to La Razon, it is not out of the question that the FC Barcelona centre-back will try to use them as a kind of bargaining chip, wanting to get a better deal in their ongoing custody dispute over Sasha and Milan. It was recently revealed that they are considering moving to Miami with their heirs, where they will live separately, sharing the care of the boys, as each of them wants to be an integral part of their lives.

Spanish media reports that some close to the former star couple claim that Gerard wants to move to FC Inter Miami, which is owned by David Beckham, despite his promise to retire from the pitch for good after coach Xavi Hernandez told him said that for the upcoming season he will not count on him and will put him on the bench, because in the summer the team was strengthened with players such as Andreas Christiansen and Jules Kunde.

Pique and Shakira have yet to reach an agreement that satisfies each side, although they were spotted together in Barcelona these days meeting with their lawyers. The local press reports that the Spaniard, who no longer hides his relationship with twenty-three-year-old Clara Chia Marti, is willing to give full custody of their sons to his ex-partner, on the condition that she pays off his debt of $400,000.

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