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In the captaincy battle, Georgi gained a valuable personal advantage

The reserves engaged in a merciless battle against each other in the Arena of “Games of the Will: Bulgaria”. The game’s release determined who would be the new addition to the Invincibles tribe. Alexa proved her personal qualities and triumphed with a huge lead over the others. However, his decision surprised everyone – he gave his visa for the big game to Veselin in exchange for 100 groszy for himself, 100 groszy for his beloved Elitsa and immunity in the upcoming Reserve Council.

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Under the night sky, captains Georgi, Lefterov and Victoria tested their skills in balancing and stacking cubes on a scale. Both men got ready at the same time, but Lefterov’s tower of cubes collapsed. In this way, Georgi became the winner and was faced with the dilemma of whether to please his tribe with an advantage in tomorrow’s nomination battle, or to choose a more tempting reward for himself – to be always full and 50 golden groschi richer. Georgi preferred the personal advantage, which ensured that he would receive breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, regardless of the territory in which he was located.

The Invincibles were greatly surprised by Vesselina’s appearance at the Residence. Alexa’s absence brought tears to Elitsa’s eyes and mixed opinions among the others. Vesselina became an outsider and a sure target for nominations as soon as she stepped into them, which heated up the passions between her teammates.

Will Vesselina be able to join the Invincibles and will emotions escalate in the tribe? Who will win the nomination battle and which tribe will be the first nominee of the week? Which Reserve will leave “Games of Will: Bulgaria” without reaching the big game – find out tonight at 9:00 p.m. only on NOVA.

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