The owner of an industrial warehouse has been arrested for dumping more than 12 tons of chemical barrels

“A man has been detained who has an industrial warehouse next to the Yana station, in which there are similar barrels. It is being clarified whether the barrels came from there. I think that the barrels were taken from there and thrown away,” Krasimir Dimitrov said in “This Morning” Director of “Emergency Assistance and Prevention” at the Metropolitan Municipality.

About 250 barrels of dangerous chemicals dumped in four metropolitan areas, the Ministry of Environment and Water reported.

As we have already shown you in bTV news, the emergency team of the Metropolitan Municipality found the first ones in the Iskar area.

After that, similar waste was also found in Pancharevo and Kremikovtsi.

Some of the barrels have labels for chemical substances dangerous to humans and the environment, and others are illegible or unlabeled. Samples were taken for analysis.

“There is pollution – it is visible. It has a cast resin that is highly toxic. It is dangerous for health and for the soil,” added Krasimir Dimitrov, specifying that 12 tons of barrels have been removed so far.

What is the content of the barrels and is there pollution in the areas – the answers in “This morning” are given by Miroslav Dimitrov, chief expert at the RIOS Sofia.

“This is a precedent. This is the first time such barrels have been discovered. There is no contamination of the soil, but the results of the samples should also come out,” he pointed out.

He added that it was not yet clear what the contents were or what they were used for.

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