Great news for football talents in our country, Arsenal helps


The creator of the “BG Football Trials” project, Ivaylo Krusharski, announced interesting news to BLITZ TV regarding the football talents in our country, who are currently without clubs. As is known, the former goalkeeper, who years ago was also at West Ham, helps young players find teams.

Recently, one of the boys who shone during the trials was recruited to Greece and is already in the men’s team of Kavala, although he is only 17 years old.

In front of the BLITZ TV camera, Krusharski talked about the upcoming big event in Sofia – five-day rehearsals. For those who join it, there will be a spotty diet prepared according to the program of the Arsenal first team. A special jeep system will be used, which has been trusted by a number of European giants, including Milan and Inter.

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“We are gaining more and more popularity and have already helped 57 children change their careers. They were noticed during our auditions and went to clubs, including abroad. So far we have held auditions in Sofia, Stara Zagora, Burgas and Haskovo. At 15 October is coming in Veliko Tarnovo, on November 13 in Blagoevgrad, after which there will be a spectacular event in Sofia, which will last five days,” explained Krusharski.

“Even in our next tests – at the Ivaylo stadium, a new coach – Lyubomir Bozhankov will join. He is a well-known name, one of the best coaches especially for juniors in Bulgaria, he was the head of the junior national team. We aim to surround ourselves with young and ambitious people who want to work and help develop football talents. We have also attracted Deyan Hristov and Yordan Gospodinov to the team, who is currently the goalkeeping coach in Lokomotiv (Sofia),” announced Krusharski.

He also told which clubs the juniors most often go to – “There is a tendency for most footballers who like them at the trials organized by us to go to Ludogorets. Some kids went to CSKA, Lokomotiv (Plovdiv), Heber, Pirin (Blagoevgrad) and etc. The modern base in Razgrad attracts them, also the insistence of the Ludogorets scouts, and the ambition of the club to develop in this direction. They also have a boarding house, which attracts children from the countryside”.

Krusharski also spoke about the upcoming big event of “BG Football Trials” in Sofia: “This is something that we wanted to realize for a long time. The idea of ​​the five-day trials is quite different from the one-day ones, because we know that there is no way 100% of the participants, who show up at our events to be noticed and attracted to the clubs. The idea of ​​the spot trials is to help those who are not liked and noticed to gain a lot of knowledge that they will not get in clubs. So they have the opportunity to develop and on subsequent samples to be noticed.

In the five days, they will be watched by many scouts, they will train twice, they will have conditioning training, psychologists will work with them. They will also have a spotty diet on Arsenal’s first team programme. We want to show them how professionals eat, because in Bulgaria we know what happens – some of our football players eat patties and boza…

There will be video analysts. We also bought a jeep system that works with AC Milan, Inter, Lazio and others. She makes a complete portfolio of each football player – lung volume, how you recover, what your heart rate is, what distance you ran and at what speed. With these complete stats, each kid will know what his current status is and scouts will have complete data on the targeted player.

Registration for the five-day trials is now open. The event will be held on the grounds of the National Sports Academy (NSA)”Vasil Levski”, it is almost certain that it will be held from October 24 to 28. The fee without sleeping is BGN 400 for the five days. The complete package with overnight stay is BGN 600. The price also includes Adidas branded equipment, which remains in memory of the participants in the trials,” Krusharski said.

“17-year-old Plamen Pavlov is currently in the men’s team of Kavala, after scouts of the Greek club noticed him at our event in Kavala and attracted him. He is a youth player of Slavia, he also played in Akademik (Svishtov),” explained the former goalkeeper.

“The more the project grows, the more difficulties we encounter. But this does not stop me, it makes me ambitious. We want to help as many children as possible. There are people who are clearly not well-wishers. As some have already said – the project is too nice and helping too many people, not making money. It’s not a business for me, it’s a cause. I’ve been through this road in Bulgaria, I’ve seen how hard it can be if there’s no one to stand by you or you don’t know the right ones people. I made sure that the project really works and I want this cause to be recognized as many people as possible and to help more children. Fortunately, there are people who do not need convincing, they themselves connect and want to help Such an example is Lubo Bozhankov,” added Ivaylo Krusharski.

Cinematographer: KALOYAN GENCHEV

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