“You shouldn’t impose your personal opinion on anyone, but it’s not bad to meet it with the person opposite”

When Mikhail Dyuzev arrives at our studio to be a guest on the “First Page” podcast, he is fresher than both of us, even though he woke up at 5 in the morning – like every weekday.

It’s a little before noon and we catch him between the commitments of the day – hosting the morning block “Darik Cafe” on “Darik Radio”, where he has been asking various people questions all morning, and the afternoon show “Crossroads” on Nova, where he will again moderate the conversation of three different guests with even more different points of view.

In today’s heated public environment, where opinions fly like knives, the latter can be particularly challenging. The most common question he received on social networks – to the point of no longer answering – was precisely why he did not counter a certain participant.

“The format of the show is such that, as a moderator, I have to predispose the interlocutors to enter into an exchange of arguments and opinions. I am – it’s not even rude – the appropriate background against which this exchange of opinions and those can happen,” he explains ni Duzev already in the studio, still fresh, although he refused the offer of coffee.

Normal – he’s already had a few.

“When the guest is obviously wrong, I just tell him so,” adds the TV and radio host. With a smile, he notes that this season he has clearly accumulated from the public energy and it happens that he “drops out”, and when a certain point of view is absent in the conversation, he gives it to the participants in the discussion. And from there — to the viewers in front of the screens.

What kind of daily life is required to host shows on one of the most popular radio stations and one of the most watched televisions, what challenges does the profession bring and what makes the reader, not the host, fall asleep, Mikhail Dyuzev – this is what he himself tells you in his guest appearance on the new episode of our Front Page podcast.

Mikhail will take you through his daily routine, which starts with getting up at 5am and traveling to the radio at those hours when the temperatures are the lowest and the streets are the emptiest.

With the help of our questions, he also tells you about another of his journeys – this one from the specialty “Cultural Studies” (and do you know what that is?), through the air of the now defunct “Demo” TV to that of “Darik Radio”, where his voice has been welcoming early risers for 21 years. During this time, Duzev was first the anchor of the news, and then – of the morning block.

What has he learned during this time and in conversations with thousands of guests?

“That there is no universal truth. That everyone comes with their own truth, with their own understanding of the profession, of the society we live in, of how it should develop, and that you should not impose your personal opinion on anyone, but it is not bad to meet him with the person across the way,” replies the presenter.

For years, in addition to facing various positions, he also meets countless books, and in our podcast, which is not coincidentally defined as “about people, books and (un)true stories”, we can’t help but be interested in his literary taste and the recommendations he can give to all of you.

An influence on his attraction to literature was given by Mikhail’s mother, who, according to him, spent hours in queues for books before 1989. The full library at home tempted him with various titles from a young age, but the meeting with them was not always fruitful.

“[Книгите] they rejected me, chased me away from themselves. Just obviously understanding that I’m not old enough for them or that I simply can’t understand them,” says Duzev, who is guided by the principle that every good book has its time – “it finds you, you don’t find it”.

The proof is the books that have found him since childhood until now – from the most distant memory of a deluxe edition with Russian fairy tales, through the adventure novels of Maine Reed, Karl May and Jack London, falling in love with fiction with Isaac Asimov, to immersing himself in the wilds of magic realism in the university.

Today, the presenter of two shows a day, Mikhail, has little time to sleep – he shocked us with the fact that 6 hours is enough for him, but he still finds time to read.

And waiting for him on his bedside table is Dostoyevsky’s Idiot, for which the stormy times we live in have obviously proved to be the right time to read them.

In our conversation with Mikhail Dyuzev in “First Page” you will hear more:

  • Which books from his favorite genres he highly recommends;
  • What time does a morning block host go to bed;
  • Which musical guests would you gather in one studio if you could;
  • What frequencies does it carry in its vehicle.

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