Will the mystery of Levski’s grave be revealed – Society – Bulgaria – Hello, Bulgaria

Will the mystery of Levski’s grave be revealed – Society – Bulgaria – Hello, Bulgaria
Will the mystery of Levski’s grave be revealed – Society – Bulgaria – Hello, Bulgaria

A new version is making its way through institutions

Solving a nearly century-and-a-half-old mystery seems to be working its way through institutions in recent months. It is about the grave of Vasil Levski, whose location has been sought since the Liberation. Now a not very popular version – that the bones lie under a small, untouched temple in the center of Sofia, seems to have managed to convince some institutions to give their consent to explore the terrain.

Captivated by history since he can remember, Pavel Kiprov no longer has a place to store the history books he read during his 80 years of life. Hypotheses about the location of Vasil Levski’s bones, however, is a part of history that was not of particular interest to him. A visit to Petrich in the late 1980s changed everything. He visited the home of Vanga, extremely close to his family.

“Perhaps the greatest friend in her life was my uncle. The first time I went, her sister Lyuba was sitting next to her. And she said, “Honey, are you looking at this one? He will attend the opening of the grave in a Sofia church. Usually, when I went to see her, she always told me some story in this connection”, Kiprov said.

After it collapsed during the bombings in 1944, a small church was erected on the site of a medieval three-nave basilica, on today’s “Tsar Kaloyan” street in the center of Sofia. Until now, the remaining undamaged icon of “St. Nikolay Mirlikiyski Miracle Worker”, whose name the temple bears. What was shared became the cause of Pavel’s life. He got to know all the hypotheses in detail, visited the temple many times, connected with members of the public. Even after publishing “The Tomb of Vasil Levski”, Nikolay Haitov himself became close to him and visited his home in the village of Cherniche in Simitlia. However, Pavel Kiprov failed to arouse the interest of the institutions.

For years, Vera Todorova has been at the center of a charitable foundation that recognizes Pavel’s cause as its own. Examining the specified location for the presence of bones using specialized equipment is the step they have been fighting for for several months. Based on the fact that the other hypotheses about the location of the Apostle’s grave are not based on historical evidence, they send inquiries about scanning the temple to the Sofia Metropolis and to the regional municipality in whose territory it is located. They manage to convince them and get official permits. In order to move to action, the National Archaeological Museum’s Field Research Board should now consider the case. Whether he will, however, is still unclear. The petition has been sitting on his chairman’s desk for two months.

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