Mira Dobreva went mad: March from here!

Mira Dobreva went mad: March from here!
Mira Dobreva went mad: March from here!

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Mira Dobreva definitely doesn’t give a shit about anyone, especially if they publicly make negative comments about her. Recently, under her post on social networks, the TV presenter received a rather direct comment, which aroused her fury.

One of the emblematic faces of BNT responded appropriately to his “fan” and left the impression that he had ended his short verbal war with him. And whether she continued later on in a personal chat, we can only guess.

“I admire Mira Dobreva’s tenacity a lot. After so many years on the air, no one watches her, but she continues to push herself to lead…”, a user on social networks wrote to her, to which the blonde replied:

“You, if you push yourself, will they take you somewhere? If it was done by pushing, everyone would be on TV by now. Because with stupid comments, anyone can. But when you stand in front of the camera’s eye, your balls shrink. Where you don’t have them. Get out of here, you bastard!”

It is a fact that Mira Dobreva has been acting presenter of BNT for years, regardless of the changes in the management of the state media. Separately, he managed to write two books, which continue to reap considerable success.

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