“The Great Chase” turned into a cringe

“This is a real celebration of knowledge” – with this request, “The Great Pursuit” started on NOVA.

And without inspiring lines, the show caught the attention of TV quiz fans who are more or less familiar with the original – Britain’s The Chase. On the Island, it is not uncommon for participants and pursuers to “chase” sums of 90,000 pounds and up.

In our country, not entirely unexpectedly, this rule, as well as the other details of the form, were mercilessly Bulgarianized in a hurry.

Thus, less than a month after its beginning, the “Great Pursuit” is rather “The Great Lie”.

In theory, the show was equipped with two of its most important components – frame “chasers” and frame host. All four “chasers” are extremely intelligent and amaze with their encyclopedic knowledge without seeming arrogant and self-absorbed in their own vast intellect.

The presenter Niki Kanchev is also on the line, who has serious experience in front of the cameras, and we are used to seeing him at the head of this type of show.

From here on, the realization of The Chase in the form of “The Great Chase” begins to seriously limp. We can swallow the fact that the large-scale British studio has been replaced by a dark and uncomfortable hall and a set that is certainly cheaper than its Western equivalent.

It gets really unpleasant when the real “race” between participants and “chasers” begins.

The viewer cannot shake the feeling that the clash is pre-arranged in such a way that the participants cannot win or at most walk away with a measly amount as a treat. In most cases, however, contestants leave empty-handed.

Losing is quite the order of things for those who think that Bucharest is the capital of Hungary and that India’s sacred animal is the elephant (very real answers).

But even the more well-read participants can hardly fight the erudition of the “chasers”, especially the Knight and the Sage. At the moment when the contestant faces his “pursuer”, even his face is written with an expression in the style of “Leave all hope here”. Gradually, we begin to feel that the ignorant and incapable are being selected on purpose so that no one wins.

Watching such predetermined fights is not only boring, but downright insulting. Comparing them to their Western equivalents, on the other hand, leads to that feeling of shame that younger people briefly call cringe.

A similar curse has already overtaken and completely taken over “Get Rich”, where the contenders barely reach sums of 5-10 thousand BGN each.

In this way, shows that are supposed to challenge the mind and keep the viewer on their toes all the time become boring because almost nobody wins anything, the participants drop out for negative time and the thrill of the game is missing – both in the studio and in front of the small screen.

After all, we are beginning to feel that TV quizzes are present in the portfolio of televisions so much as to say that they are there.

Formats like “The Greatest Chase” and “Get Rich” should be the serious counterpoint to reality TV, but we’re increasingly left with the impression that they’re in the programming scheme to beat numbers, not to earn knowledge.

If it is going to be like that – it is more reasonable not to shame foreign formats and to Bulgarianize them so mercilessly, but to give reality a kickback.

At least there, no one hides that everything is a pre-staged circus and that you don’t need to know who wrote “I’m Bulgarian” in order to win some 100 grand.

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