Hristo Ivanov running away from the debate in “Panorama” tonight?

September 23, 2022, 5:22 p.m

Asen Vasilev, Toma Bikov, Dragomir Stoynev, Lyubomir Karimanski, Hristo Ivanov and Kostadin Kostandov are appearing in a debate tonight on BNT. This was announced by the national television in its latest promo. The broadcast is part of the pre-election series of talks before the vote on October 2.

The debate on the main topics with some of the main figures of the leading parties is traditionally awaited with great interest. This is a chance for undecided voters to check their clocks with politicians’ theses and make their choice about whom and whether to support someone in the elections.

However, a day after the participants were announced, doubts arose that Hristo Ivanov could hide from debating. The information was shared by one of the invitees – Kostadin Kostadinov from “Vazrazhdane”. He specifies that he received a call from BNT that Ivanov refused to participate in the debates with him.

It is not clear whether Ivanov really motivated his refusal by reluctance to sit in the same studio with the representative of “Vazrazhdane”, or whether he completely decided to cover himself from a direct verbal confrontation in a similar format.


There is always a possibility that Ivanov will still fulfill the commitment made to the broadcast team and appear on the air at 21:00.

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