Andrea changes profession

Andrea changes profession
Andrea changes profession

Andrea abruptly changes the field and, in addition to being a singer, she will also perform as an actress. The news is quite serious, as the blonde not only already has a role in several films, but has also been accepted to study acting. Years ago, Andrea starred in the hit film “Mission London” and the TV series “Capitalians in More”.

“Yes, I have been accepted as an acting student at the New Bulgarian University. I will study for 4 years.” Andrea admitted this to Bulgaria Today. The first to tell her the good news was Etienne Levy, who, in addition to teaching at the NBU, was also a member of the examination committee.

Kubrat Pulev’s ex-partner inherits the love of performing arts.

“My grandmother – Todorka Akhtarska, was a prompter, assistant director and director at the National Theater for 30 years,” shared the folk star. “Grandma communicated with the biggest names back then – Stefan Danailov, Grigor Vachkov… She took me to the theater countless times,” said the performer.

“I admire Tsvetana Maneva, but unfortunately, I haven’t told her personally,” Andrea also shares. “Actually, my grandmother raised me. My parents worked constantly, they were very busy, and I grew up with her. Grandma died of cancer when I was 18, and it was a great tragedy for me,” confides the future actress.

“We are friends with Hristo Mutafchiev, with Lyubo Neikov, he invited me for the role in “Stolichani v mere”, added the singer.

She also said that she took part in three TV series, which will start on the major BG televisions in November.

We remind you that Andrea’s acting talent manifested itself 10 years ago. In the box office tape “Mission “London”, she did an excellent job with the role, albeit episodic, of the girl of a Russian gangster who first shoots, then asks. Since then, famous native producers have included her not only in their sights, but also in their professional plans, a person from the industry revealed to “Bulgaria Dnes”.

Today, Kubrat Pulev’s ex-wife’s dream to shine on the big screen is becoming a reality. Her colleagues are of the opinion that Andrea has proven her acting talent and getting a deed was just a formality. However, the singer herself admits that she wants to learn all the subtleties and tricks of the acting profession, through the lessons of leading names in Bulgarian cinema and theater.

The singer recently shone at the official reception of the Moldovan embassy on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the country’s independence. Andrea was in the company of her publicist Atanas Lazarov, but she was not tempted by the notorious Moldovan cognacs and wines. “I just tried because I’m currently on a diet,” commented Pulev’s ex-lover. At the celebration, she toasted with only mineral water, “Bulgaria Today” saw. Beaten in a black marquise outfit, Andrea was on top and hardly anyone could give her more than a 30.

Despite all possible and frankly impossible rumors about the personal life and career of the folk star, she continues to pursue her ambitions with an iron will. The clip for her duet song with BG singer Alec Sandar, which has reached Hollywood, is expected to be released any moment, BG showmen told the newspaper.

“For many years I didn’t take vacations. I didn’t travel anywhere for my pleasure, although I always combine it with photos, I don’t go anywhere just like that,” Andrea complained recently. Before the start of the new academic year at NBU, she took a vacation on the island of Mykonos with her team, in which her personal photographer Tibor Golob stood out.

While she shared the same roof with Kubrat Pulev, the singer rarely allowed herself vacations. “And now maybe I feel like living a little more than before. I love my job, but sometimes you just want to travel more, live a little differently, change your life,” Andrea shared in an interview.

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