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Housewife Velislava said “goodbye” to the adventure “Games of Will: Bulgaria”. In a multi-component battle in the Arena, she faced one of the strongest players from the tribe of the Invincibles – Georgi. He was able to knock her out of the race by a large lead, which earned him another 100 gold groschen.

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“I am leaving “Games of the Will” as a proud woman and mother. I carried a message that a mother and a housewife is not just that, but a strong and fighting person who fights with difficulties every day”, she shared after her loss. Velislava conveyed a valuable message to Georgi from her teammate Feigin, sparks flying between them at the Arena. She accepted this as her final vocation before leaving racing for good.

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The night before tribal council, the Supergeors nominated Velislava because they consider her a player they can easily replace. In front of the leading Ralitsa, as a reason, they also pointed out that she did not show enough qualities in the general battles, in which she often avoided responsibility. The second nominee with as many as 5 votes was Qasim, who was singled out as the weakest link holding the tribe back.

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​The battle for salvation tests the endurance and will of Velislava, Kasim, Georgi and Elitsa, who had to stoically endure in an uncomfortable position. Velislava was eliminated first, followed by Georgi, and the big surprise of the game was Kasim, who managed to save himself from the battle for elimination. Elitsa lasted the longest, who, in addition to salvation, also won an additional prize – a brush and toothpaste, which she can use in any territory.


The Fearless kept their tribe together for the second week in a row in “Will Games: Bulgaria”

In two of the tribes, the topic of betrayal was on the agenda. In Superheroes, Kasim ended his friendship with his closest person, Tsvetan, because of his nomination. At the Residence, Miroslava admitted to her teammates that she sabotaged the tribe because she wanted Alexa to join the Invincibles.

Will the participants iron out their misunderstandings? How will the three tribes of the Arena fare with their eyes closed? Will the Superheroes stay for a third week in a row on the Wild River, or will they be able to get away? Which tribe will live lavishly in the Residence and which will work on the Farm? Territory Battle – Monday at 8:00 PM only on NOVA.

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