The car driver with the Porsche – on cocaine and 1.7 alcohol

The car driver with the Porsche – on cocaine and 1.7 alcohol
The car driver with the Porsche – on cocaine and 1.7 alcohol

Cocaine and 1.73 parts per million of alcohol show the blood samples of the driver who caused an accident that killed one person and injured two others on the Ring Road in Sofia on Sunday. This was announced by the spokeswoman of the chief prosecutor, Siika Mileva, at a briefing in the courthouse.

On the spot, 39-year-old Dimitar Ljubenov refused to be tested with a dragger, so blood samples were taken from him later at the VMA.

Club Z recalls that due to formalities in the legal framework in our country, for example, Georgi Semerdzhiev, who killed two girls with his Audi jeep in front of the Hemus hotel, his sample was forcibly taken practically almost 2 days after the incident.

The results of the examination are still awaited, which should show at what speed Lubenov was traveling when his sporty Porsche Panamera hit another car with three people in it. A 64-year-old Frenchman died on the spot.

According to the information of KAT Ljubenov has 35 cards. Over the years, he has often been caught breaking the rules on the road. According to the police, there are unpaid speeding fines worth more than 1,900 BGN.

The man has been charged and currently remains in custody for 72 hours.

Ivan Geshev and the war on the roads: questions and answers about the place of the prosecutor's office

Mileva today reminded that in 2020 – after the accident with Milen Tsvetkov, Ivan Geshev proposed to increase the penalties in the Criminal Code in such cases – including having life sentence. Today, she also praised the methodical instructions of her boss.

She said she was “convinced that all the circumstances will be clarified”. Mileva did not comment on the possible time of consumption of the cocaine before the accident, only saying that the blood samples were taken relatively soon after it, as the accused had agreed.

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