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  • 09 January 2023
    11:01 am

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The press secretary of the Southern Regional Department of the State Border Service of Ukraine, Ivanna Plantovskaya, got involved in a terrible scandal, writes UNIAN.

While heavy battles are being fought on the territory of the country, the face of the institution does not stop demonstrating a luxurious life on social networks. In her profile, the young lady often uploads photos from expensive resorts. The latest shots are from France, where the beauty most likely welcomed the new year. In several of them, she poses against the background of the Eiffel Tower.

Ivanna has also uploaded a shot of a shiny “Mercedes” whose license plate reads “IVANKA”.

In the profiles of the young lady there are also much more naughty photos. Some even joke that the Southern Regional Office of the State Border Service has introduced new requirements for its employees. After Plantovskaya’s photos circulated on the web, she hastened to lock her accounts. However, this did not save her from the scandal, because dozens of screenshots of what she shared flooded the media.

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