Zelensky imposed sanctions on Assad for 10 years

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky imposed sanctions against his Syrian colleague Bashar Assadreported UNIAN.

As noted in Zelensky’s decree, published on the website of the presidential office, sanctions against Assad will be in place for 10 years. They include freezing of assets, if any, as well as prohibition of any commercial activity, etc.

Sanctions were also imposed againstat 70-year-old Syrian Prime Minister Hussein Arnous and Foreign Minister Faisal al-Mikdad. In total, there are 300 people on the sanctions list. Among them are three Syrians, Russians and one Ukrainian from Crimea, who also has Russian citizenship.

According to the second annex sanctions were also imposed against 141 legal entities, including two from the occupied Crimea – The autonomous non-profit organization Institute of Marine Instrumentation and Robotics and the Yevpatoria Aviation Repair Plant.

Assad wants more Russian troops in Syria

Moscow and Damascus plan to sign an economic cooperation agreement

We remind you that on March 15, Assad visited Russia. On March 16, he met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Assad announced that would welcome any proposal from the Russian side to create new military bases and to increase the number of Russian troops in Syria. He insisted that Russia’s military presence in Syria should not be temporary.

Russia maintains a significant military presence in Syria and is a close ally of Assad, whose government it supports in the country’s years-long civil war, striking opposition-held areas.

Moscow’s military support for Assad helped him turn the tide of the war that began in 2011. as a pro-democracy movement.

Assad pointed out that the two sides plan to sign an agreement for economic cooperation in the coming weeks.

Assad discusses the situation in Syria with Putin on March 15

The Syrian leader arrived in Moscow

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