They attack Russian cities with drones, water hell near Donetsk after a dam explosion


In Berdyanks, the port was attacked, and in the Russian city of Krasnodar, the antenna of a mobile operator was hit

26 May 2023Friday, 07:26 a.m.

Author: Flagman.Bg, photos: UNiAN and Operation Z: Soldiers of Russian Spring

Powerful explosions in Krasnodar and Berdyanks

Powerful explosions rocked the occupied Berdyansk, Zaporozhye region, reports the Ukrainian news agency UNiAN.

The publication cites a telegram from the “Berdyansk Segodnya” channel, which reports the wail of sirens from ambulances after the explosion. Explosions were also heard near the village of Osipenko, where a house was hit. The port and Azmol factory were attacked.

The telegram channel “Operation Z: Soldiers of Russian Vesny” also reported on the strikes on Berdyansk. The explosion was most likely caused by a Storm Shadow missile. The shot was on the gate.

An explosion rocked Berdyanks. Photo: UNiAN

The electronic publication also reported an explosion in the Russian city of Krasnodar, which is a very long distance from the front line.

“The enemy struck the regional town with an unmanned aerial vehicle. Local people report that the kamikaze drone damaged a building with a telecommunications tower of a mobile operator on “Morska” Street, writes “Operation Z: Военкоры Русской Весны”.

Flooding after the explosion of the dam wall of the Karlov Reservoir in the Donetsk region. Photo: UNiAN

At the same time, the Ukrainian agency UNiAN reports flooding in Galitsynovka after the Russians blew up the dam wall of the Karlov Reservoir in the Donetsk region. 26 people were evacuated, including 8 children.

Meanwhile, BNT informs that the soldiers of the Russian private army “Wagner” continue to control the central part of Bakhmut, while at the same time, reports from Russian journalists from the “liberated” city are being distributed on Russian Telegram channels.

Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defense Hana Malyar announced that the paramilitary group had surrendered the positions of the Russian army on the outskirts of the city.

Kyiv denies that Bakhmut fell. According to Malyar, Ukrainian units continue to control a small part in the southwestern part of the city.

Military expert Boris Rozhin claims that the battle is not for Bakhmut, but for the shelters near the village of Klescheevka, but the fighting there became positional after the Russian fighters counterattacked and regained control of one of the strongholds. Heavy fighting also continues for Khromovo, west of Bakhmut, which is still under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Eastern Command reported that Russian attacks in the area have decreased in recent days. There were only two battles, BNT informs.

According to Wagner, the transfer of full control of Bakhmut to the Russian military should be completed by June 1. However, then it is expected that the fighters from the private army will occupy positions in another direction from the front.

In his Telegram channel, the Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is also the owner of PMC “Wagner”, announced recently that 50,000 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed in Bakhmut and another 70,000 soldiers were wounded.

The dead from PMC “Wagner” were 3.2 times less than from VSU, and the wounded – 2 times, he claims.

“The ratio between the attacking army and the defending army should be 3:1, and at the best moment we had 50,000 fighters, and the enemy – 82,000. Of the 50,000 prisoners, 20% died and the same number were wounded,” revealed the oligarch .

“The target in Artyomovsk was not the city, but the Bakhmut Meat Grinder.” We have exterminated all who should have been exterminated. We have accomplished our task,” he adds.

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