The Future of Gaza: The US and Israel’s Ideas for Peace


The United States and Israel are discussing various options for the future of the Gaza Strip after active hostilities end. One of them – a permanent contingent of peacekeepers, writes Bloomberg, citing a source.

Ideas for the future of Gaza

The peacekeeping forces in question should include soldiers not only from the US and Israel, but also from Great Britain and France, and ideally from Saudi Arabia plus the UAE. However, there are other ideas – a peacekeeping force based on the model of the agreement between Egypt and Israel from 1979 (it is about the Sinai Peninsula), as well as direct temporary management of the Gaza Strip under the auspices of the United Nations.

Israel looks favorably on discussions about the “Egyptian option” – a multinational mission of peacekeepers and observers to ensure the implementation of a concluded agreement. The third option does not appeal to Tel Aviv – there they do not trust the UN’s ability to solve major problems in practice.

For now, all these ideas are being discussed, but at a very early stage – any changes and additions are possible. US National Security Council spokesman Adrienne Watson commented to Bloomberg that there is no discussion or consideration of US soldiers going to Gaza as part of a peacekeeping force. But US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has already publicly announced: There is no way we can return to the status quo in which Hamas officially rules the Gaza Strip (ed. note – it has been like this for over 16 years).

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Peacemakers thrive hard

UN soldiers have left a camp in the strategic town of Kidal in the restive north of Mali, which has been rocked by jihadist and separatist violence, several sources from the peacekeeping mission told AFP, BGNES reported.

“We left Kidal this morning,” said a source from the UN peacekeeping mission based in the city. In June, Mali’s new military rulers ordered the peacekeepers to leave, declaring their mission a “failure.”

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