They sell them for cannon fodder: Mobilized Russian soldiers end up in private formations (VIDEO)

VIDEO in Telegram HERE. They, like David’s mother, say that the regiment was transferred from Omsk to the Crimea, and then to the LPR, and subsequently to Bakhmut. At the same time, Colonel Kozhanov and the other commanders remained at the headquarters in Crimea. As a result, the mobilized were trained by PMC Wagner, after which they were transferred to the “Veterans” brigade.

“In Veterans, immediately after the arrival of the boys, they were told that they had paid 25,000 rubles for each of them: “We received fresh meat and we will use it. If you don’t go, we will “recycle” you,” Ekaterina recounts the story to her son.

On April 19, David found himself on the front line near Bakhmut, a month later he was taken to the rear, and at the end of May he was returned to the “horseshoe” – that’s how the soldiers called the positions of the first line at this point of the front. “My son was injured on May 24th very slightly. There was a seriously injured man there, my son helped him walk. In the evening, when they took the wounded out, they also took my son to the hospital,” says Ekaterina.

Already at the hospital, it was established that according to documents, David was a prisoner. “At first my son didn’t understand why (the doctors) were looking at him strangely. Then a doctor asked how long he had been out of prison,” says the mother. “Important Stories” already wrote that according to the regulations of the Russian Ministry of Defense, fighters in the “Sturm Z” assault units are designated as “category “K” in the accompanying documents.

Relatives of those mobilized contacted the headquarters of the Southern Military District in Rostov-on-Don about this issue, but, according to Ekaterina, they were only told that they were lying and denied the possibility that the mobilized could end up in the PMC.

“She [служителка на щаба] shouted that we are oligophrenic and that this cannot happen. That our mobilized there (in the “Redut” PMC) sign a contract of their own free will, and the “Veterani” amphibious assault brigade is not part of the Moscow region,” Ekaterina recounts the conversation. At the same time, David did not sign any contract as a conscript.

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Good luck to David – for now

In the end, the doctors themselves corrected David’s documents and now he is at the front as a mobilized person, assigned to a military unit, to which, according to the assurances of the military, the “Veterans” brigade is also assigned. Neither David nor his colleagues want to continue fighting: “I told him, ‘It’s good to fight when you think you’re freeing someone.'” To this he replied, “There are no people here who need to be freed.”


were able to see the largest PMC Wagner mercenary graveyard yet known to any media. It is in Eastern Russia, Novosibirsk – 368 “Wagnerians” were buried there between December 2022 and July 2023. They were killed en masse at Bakhmut – many of those who died there, however, were never returned to their homeland.

Meanwhile, videos of relatives of Russian soldiers fighting on the front in Ukraine continue to be published – with requests to be wanted by the International Criminal Court in The Hague for the systematic abduction of Ukrainian children by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. The next video is about a unit mobilized from the 108th brigade of the Russian Air Force – according to the woman speaking in the foreground, one of the relatives of the mobilized, they have been fighting for more than a year without a break, and Putin has promised 2 weeks of leave for at most half year participation in hostilities. She also complains that no one heard them, did not pay attention to them after they wrote a bunch of complaints and documents.

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