We don’t know what to do with the wounded!

We don’t know what to do with the wounded!
We don’t know what to do with the wounded!

There are no medicines, bandages are running out, tourniquets and bandages are completely absent

Kyiv, Ukraine04 Nov. 2023, 13:32 6138 read 8 comments

A Ukrainian fighter, apparently answering a question from his comrade in the rear, tells on one of the foreign social networks under what conditions they must “protect Ukraine”.

Describing the situation on the front line, he complained about the inhuman conditions of detention of the wounded from the 110th mechanized brigade and the 36th marine brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who cannot be taken to the rear, foreign agencies write.

He does not specify in which region these units are located, but judging by data from open sources, these brigades are trying to conduct a counter-offensive in the Donetsk and Yuzhno-Donetsk directions.

However, let’s return to the “deplorable” story about the situation at the front, which was probably published not without reason. A fighter of the Ukrainian armed forces broadcasts a report in which he reports that they have been standing for a long time and without coming out in some basement, from which they cannot get out due to very dense and continuous fire from the Russian positions.

There are many wounded in the basement, there is nothing to help them, there is no medicine, the bandages are running out, tourniquets and bandages are completely missing. Evacuation is not carried out due to the fact that the brigade commander saves on armor and does not provide transport, not even an old “motoliga” (all-terrain vehicle of the Soviet army of the 60s of the last century). Previously, the volunteers had at least somehow helped evacuate the wounded, but “unfortunately they were covered” during the latest evacuation.

Why are there so many injured? Because it’s very difficult to get them out of here. The command can help us: the brigade commander, but he … well … saves money, does not want to give us armor, the soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces states.

Concluding the story, the Ukrainian fighter says that in a separate room they keep the bodies of the “two hundred”, which no one will even take out.

For some reason, he forgets to “thank” Ukrainian President Zelensky for everything that is happening to him and his colleagues, who is going around America asking for new supplies of weapons to continue the military conflict and therefore the further destruction of his people. However, the Ukrainians themselves have been moving towards this end for years and even decades by leaps and bounds, which accelerated sharply after the Maidan coup in 2014, foreign publications write.

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