The increase in MHR means that many mothers…

The increase in MHR means that many mothers…
The increase in MHR means that many mothers…

More than half of the companies provide Christmas bonuses

Sofia, Bulgaria04 Nov. 2023, 20:08 13255 read 4 comments

The price of natural gas is very high compared to that of our competitors – in the USA it is 20-25 BGN, here it is 88, with a tendency to go towards 100. These are 4-5 times differences. Finally, we compete in the same markets.

This will also affect the price of electricity as the markets are linked. There is compensation and there should be for next year, the scheme can be improved a little – over 180 – 80% This was stated in the program “Offensive” on Nova News, the chairman of AIKB Vasil Velev.

“More than half of the enterprises provide Christmas bonuses. Raising the poverty line means that fewer people will fall under protection. The minimum wage of BGN 933 is BGN 1,200 gross, this means that many mothers in their second year of motherhood will receive more than if they work.

So why rush back to work and pursue a career? The birth rate is not affected by the increase in the maternity period. Thus the dequalification of mothers was achieved. The maximum insurable income should be a function of the average. It is a limiter of the maximum pension. A spreading populism has taken over the calculation of the minimum wage,” he believes.

According to him, the increase in pensions should be according to the Swiss rule – half of inflation and of the growth of the average insurance income. “The minimum wage in some economic activities will be above the average social security income.

It must be negotiated and different. The maximum insurance income must be fixed at BGN 3,500. Growth should be 8%. Taxes must be neutral so that social policy is not made with taxes. We are for proportional taxes for everyone,” Velev pointed out.

According to him, the increase in the price of natural gas will also affect that of electricity. “The liberalization of the retail market is the right decision. All at normal prices, and lower prices – only for the energy poor,” he commented.

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