Zelensky’s former advisor about him: He became like Hitler

Zelensky’s former advisor about him: He became like Hitler
Zelensky’s former advisor about him: He became like Hitler

All dictators detached from reality end in the same way, Oleksiy Arestovich also says

Kyiv, Ukraine04 Nov. 2023, 22:13 16009 read 16 comments

At first, someone behaves like a dictator and, instead of choosing the normal path of accelerated development, chooses stagnation. Then he creates massive corruption.

He incites hatred for any other opinion different from his own. A year and a half passes and autumn comes – both in relations with the West and with his own people.

This is what the former adviser in the office of the Ukrainian president, Oleksiy Arestovich, wrote on social networks regarding the article about Volodymyr Zelensky in the American magazine “Time”, reports epicenter.bg.

And no matter how much you deny reality, you can’t escape it. One way to do that is to blame all the damn Schusters out there (referring to the author of the article, Simon Schuster). Instead of looking into each other’s eyes, writes Arestovich.

In the article titled “No one believes in our victory more than I do. An inside look at Volodymyr Zelensky’s fight to keep Ukraine in the fight” (with subtitle – Zelensky’s lonely battle)the author specifically argues that lately, Zelensky has been gloomy and even evil, he seems insulted by Western partners, who are not helping Ukraine enough and feels betrayed.

It is also claimed that the president is almost the only one in the country’s leadership who really believes in Ukraine’s victory. His persistence is unwavering, bordering on messianic. “He is deceiving himself,” one of his closest advisers, who wished to remain anonymous, told the author.

Arestovich continues:

In the “TIME” article, an unpleasant and vaguely familiar image emerges – a dictator abandoned by everyone, wandering around the corners of the bunker, unwilling to face reality and screaming hysterically about the imminent victory that he is unable to achieve.
An authoritarian type who is afraid to tell the truth to his face.

No, this is a direct comparison to Hitler.
I have spoken to Simon personally several times, he would not make such a parallel.

But he is a brilliant artist and clearly understood the truth – the work is not in the parallels, but in the regularities.

All detached dictators end up the same way.

This article condemns Zelensky to loneliness and brings him before the court of history – loneliness for which he should be angry only with himself, writes Arestovich and compares the two front pages of “Time” with a difference of a year and a half – “How Zelensky leads” and “Zelensky’s lonely battle”.

Today, Arestovich called for urgent negotiations with Russia and the achievement of peace. “The moment has come,” he wrote, quoted by the Ukrainian publication “Focus”. “Positional war, senseless mutual murders are not necessary for either the Russian or the Ukrainian people. We must reconcile.”

According to Arestovych, one of the conditions for peace is that Ukraine renounces the recapture of the occupied territories, provided that it is accepted into NATO.

“We propose to the West to accept the Kissinger option, we insist on joining NATO with the obligation not to return the territories occupied at the time of acceptance, but to try to achieve their return only by political means,” wrote Arestovich.

He also proposes imposing a state of emergency on Ukraine in the fields of economy, national security, energy and finance. The goal is to shorten the bureaucratic procedures and accelerate the development of the country.

Regarding military action, Arestovich suggested that the army should act in strategic defense at the front. He also proposes allowing service members to travel abroad.

“We are introducing reserve training for a rotation of conscripts. We are letting men go overseas with the condition that they return if called up,” he says.

Arestovic also proposes a number of reforms – the entry of private business into the defense industry, cluster development of the economy with specialization of individual regions, integration with neighboring countries such as Poland and Romania, especially in the military-industrial area.

The former councilor proposes further reforms to education, pensions and the judiciary, as well as the security services.

The Ukrainian “Focus” recalls that on October 14, Arrestovych said that Ukraine is at a “strategic impasse”, and the state leadership insists on its “wrong policy” and leads the people “toward a catastrophe”.

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