VIDEO: Russia strikes with “Iskander” Ukrainian brigade gathered for awarding, there are many dead


Russia has launched an Iskander-M missile attack on Ukrainian servicemen from the 128th Separate Airborne Brigade, resulting in a large number of military casualties. This happened on November 3 in one of the villages of Zaporozhye in Ukraine. Local residents were also injured.

The information was also confirmed by the StratCom Strategic Communications Operational Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. From there, they specify that the circumstances surrounding the impact are currently being clarified.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov also reacted by expressing his condolences to the families of the fallen soldiers on his Facebook page. He has ordered an investigation.

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“All the circumstances surrounding the incident will be clarified. I entrust the Chief Inspectorate of the Ministry of Defense to conduct a full investigation of this tragedy,” wrote Umerov.

A video appeared on social networks of a serviceman who said that one of the officers of the brigade stationed in the Zaporozhye region had gathered the military in a village on the front line to hold an award ceremony (something that is strictly prohibited in the front zone) and just that’s where the tragedy happened. According to the information, more than 20 people died. Among the dead is one of Ukraine’s best gunners, Dmytro Milyutin, nicknamed “Taxi Driver”. One of Ukraine’s best artillerymen was killed in the Russian attack on the 128th Ukrainian brigade (PHOTOS)

There is still no comment from the 128th Brigade itself. But the chairman of the Transcarpathian regional state administration, Viktor Mikita, asked on Facebook all his fellow citizens to refrain from “any entertainment events, concerts, etc.” in the coming days. and to honor the fallen soldiers in the churches. A 3-day mourning has been announced in the district.

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Russian Telegram channels have already distributed a video, also republished by the Ukrainian ones, taken by a Russian drone shortly before the strike itself. The drone flies unhindered over the place where the Ukrainian military is gathering, possibly directing the strike:

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