Israel: Gaza is completely surrounded and divided in two, we are attacking massively (PHOTOS)


The Israeli military has completely completed the encirclement of Gaza City and the enclave is now divided into North and South.

“At these hours, there is a large-scale attack on terrorist sites on the ground and below it. It is about destroying terrorists. We are attacking massively, a very serious attack is underway.” This was stated at a briefing this evening by the spokesman for the Defense Forces of the Jewish State, Daniel Hagari.

He indicated that the targets of the strikes were the infrastructure of the Palestinian radical movement “Hamas”, the armed radicals and their commanders.


“This is combined and coordinated with the ground attack. Additional strikes are being carried out from the sea. All this should provide the necessary pressure to destroy Hamas,” Hagari said.

He noted that the Israeli military has completely completed the encirclement of Gaza, taking up positions on the coast of the sea city. The humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of the local population in the southern part of the strip still continues to operate.


“Today there is already a northern Gaza Strip and a southern Gaza Strip. We are still allowing a humanitarian corridor so that people in the north can move and evacuate to the south, it’s a one-way movement – from north to south. We will continue to attack the northern part of the Strip and Gaza City,” commented Hagari.


Israel’s assault on Gaza has entered its fifth week since Hamas launched terror attacks in the country, killing at least 1,400 people and taking more than 200 hostages.


Over 2,500 terrorist targets hit

Since ground operations began just over a week ago, more than 2,500 terrorist targets have been struck, including terrorist compounds, observation posts, terrorist tunnels, weapons depots and others, the Israel Defense Forces said.


Israel receives information from Hamas terrorists

The Israeli Security Agency (ISA) and the country’s defense forces have received information from detained Hamas terrorists. Then a tunnel, command and control center of the terrorist group was struck.


Israel says it continues to take measures to mitigate the impact of what is happening on the people of Gaza. Over the weekend, 63 trucks with humanitarian supplies were transferred to the strip. However, Hamas continues to prevent the evacuation of civilians.


Mortar fire in an attempt to open a humanitarian corridor

This weekend, the Israel Defense Forces announced that they were opening a humanitarian corridor in Gaza between 1pm and 4pm. However, Hamas terrorists took advantage of this and began firing mortars and anti-tank missiles at Israeli forces that tried to open the corridor.


The Israel Defense Forces continue to respond to Hezbollah fire along the border with Lebanon. They say they are prepared for any development in the area. Several rockets were fired at Israel on Saturday, but they did not land on Israeli territory.

This was followed by Israeli strikes on Hezbollah.

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