We will not give in to Putin: Rumor of elections in Ukraine, new strikes against the Russians (VIDEO)


However, Goncharenko’s words have not yet received any official confirmation. Against their background, in the last two days Zelensky has focused on the future of Ukraine and the war in Ukraine. He insisted that now Ukraine urgently needs air defense systems for its army at the very front – something that the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valery Zaluzhny, explicitly indicated as a necessary condition to avoid a completely positional war: Zaluzhny: The war is becoming positional , it is profitable for Russia. And the Ukrainian president confirmed with his statements, including an interview with NBC, that Ukraine has no intention of holding peace talks with Russia until it withdraws its army from the occupied Ukrainian territories: We are not ready to give our freedom to this sh*b*t terrorist Putin (VIDEO)

The war in Ukraine is in a hot phase

Against the background of another spectacular



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