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At least 10,022 people have died in the course of the Israeli campaign in the Gaza Strip, which began after the attack by the Hamas movement on October 7.

This was reported by the health authorities in the Hamas-controlled strip, according to which 25,408 people were injured.

The United States has publicly doubted the death toll (although in past similar cases it has been roughly confirmed), and Israel believes that many of them were fighters of the movement. The World Health Organization considers the data reliable (although it does not comment on how many of those killed were from Hamas).

In recent hours, the Israeli army and that it captured a key Hamas position in Gaza and killed Wael Asfa, a battalion commander responsible for a number of attacks on Israeli territory, after striking 450 sites linked (according to the military) to the Islamist group. Jamal Moussa, the head of Hamas’ special operations, was also declared liquidated earlier.

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Moving south

After confirmed that Gaza has been divided into two by the army (north and south), the Israel Defense Forces evacuation corridor so that between 300,000 and 400,000 people remaining in the northern part of the strip – where Gaza City is – can cross to the south of the Wadi Gaza stream.

Along the evacuation route set by Israel earlier today Palestinians leaving in a southerly direction. Israel has previously announced that it is assisting those who wish to leave.

The evacuation corridor announced by the Israeli army is in yellow

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The evacuation corridor announced by the Israeli army is in yellow

Israel encircled Gaza on three sides last week, having previously urged civilians to leave. The Gaza City area and the two refugee camps in the area, Jabalia and Ash Shatti, are targeted by the army because it believes that there (including underground, in the tunnel system) are the main centers of Hamas.

It is believed that those who escaped from the northern part of the strip since the beginning of the war reached 800 thousand people. It is not known how many may have left today.

“Rafah” has been discovered again

Meanwhile, the Gaza Border Service announced that the Rafah crossing, between Egypt and Gaza, has reopened for crossing. At the moment, according to Reuters, only foreigners and dual nationals on a pre-agreed list can pass through it (but apparently not Palestinians injured in Israeli strikes, for now).

The checkpoint was closed for two days (including for aid) after an attack on a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance, which Israel said was being used by Hamas fighters, was supposed to transport wounded Palestinians through Rafah.

The Islamists deny having such practices, although American officials claim otherwise.

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