I have to remind you what I wrote on Friday!

I have to remind you what I wrote on Friday!
I have to remind you what I wrote on Friday!

At the same time, there are rumors that prominent functionaries of the PP-DB went to Bankya to ask for support, the mathematician pointed out

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Mathematician Prof. Nikolay Vitanov gave brief information about the political situation in our country and the military actions in Ukraine and in Israel and Palestine. Here is what the analyst wrote on his personal Facebook profile:

Politics and War Brief for 06 November 2023

Today, in short, I have a lot of other work.

We will miss grandpa henry, the 15th day of grandpa henry comments will be tomorrow.

It is extremely easy for me to comment on the runoff in Sofia. I just have to remind you what I wrote you on Friday.

And what did I write you on Friday?

Some expected a landslide victory for Vasil Terziev. What did I write you? 4% difference. Right. Not a bad prediction, bearing in mind what the exit polls were pointing to. And keep in mind that my methodology is different.

So. 4%, but for whom? What I wrote you on Friday morning. Boyko Borisov will tell you, Note, one person uses the word Koenigsmacher for Boyko Borisov. Only one. And what does that word mean?

When did I expect him to tell you? Friday afternoon, right? But wait, was Vitanov, that on Thursday he supported Vanya Grigorova. What did you expect him to say on Friday? Well, how what. Read what I wrote to you on Friday morning about the beating of the jugs from the Sofia hills. Now think about it – a hill in Sofia, from which Bulgarian politicians are shot. Are you getting the hang of it?

So, expectations from Vitanov’s scenario – bending under pressure and taking away Vanya Grigorova’s victory and a 4% victory for Vasil Terziev. Result – bowing with Vanya Grigorova’s victory taken away and 1% victory for Vasil Terziev. At the same time, there are rumors that prominent functionaries of PP-DB went to Bankya to ask for support.

Boyko Borisov must be acknowledged that the performance was masterful – both he supported them in such a way that now they have to repay him, because the votes he diverted from Vanya Grigorova brought the victory to Vasil Terziev, and he planted them on duck eggs – this 1 % difference is nothing. And how did he play it – but I rape my party, what a suffering voice, what mastery.

If I were Vanya Grigorova, I would ask for a recount, a 4,000 thousand vote difference for Sofia smells strongly of shashmaluk.

So. In the country, PP-DB collapsed to the fourth power, but GERB also lost positions – the assembly, therefore, the coalition non-coalition has a poisonous effect on PP-DB and toxic on GERB, but while PP-DB is sinking in the swamp, the crocodile Borisov is still swimming well and goes around gnawing a place. How about Cornelia and she performed well. I have written about Revival for a long time and it is good for them to hear – they can reach 21-22%, but they need to change the way and how they burn in order to reach larger groups of voters. ITNs performed well. Their game from here is to patiently grow by 1% each choice. With patience and persistence in 4-5 years they may again be a factor. If they squeeze, well.

So, let’s congratulate the yellow-clad smart beauty. After they made him kneel in front of President Radev 3 years ago, now those for whom he slapped his stomach on the yellow cobblestones imposed a wild mockery on him for a mayor – a scumbag of such a kind that Todor Slavkov looks like an outright dissident. The wild mockery is also that this guy wins only because of the support of their hated Boyko Borisov, and now this support must be cashed in. How will they cash it for him? Hekimyan – vice mayor? Chairmanship in the metropolitan municipal council? We’ll see – the crocodile must bite somewhere. Otherwise – bad for the coalition assembly-non-coalition.

We have a lot more to watch from The Puppet Show, ladies and gentlemen. And don’t you remember what I wrote to you – this tale about the toad and the princess will not end here. The writers from the hills have prepared an Indian serial for you. Enjoy watching.

Come on, we’ll skip the wars today. More on them tomorrow. Because they say that in our country the coalition assembly – non-coalition would last as long as there is a war in Ukraine. Well, the war in Ukraine is not going well for the Ukrainian army. So, let’s wait for an increase in friction in the coalition-non-coalition assembly. What can I write to you – such political nonsense is rarely seen. Indian serial. An iny series based on a script from the hill.

Finally, let’s see what happens with the forecasts for the corona virus

Forecast – there will be no overcrowding of hospitals. Validity – already 468 days.

15 months is 457 days. More than 15 months validity here means. Not bad. It’s not bad at all.

Prediction – there will be no diffuse spread of the virus. Validity – already 570 days. 19 months is 578 days. The counters are spinning.

When the next epidemics come, then you will pull the numbers from these records and compare. And so you will know who is worth how much.

570 days of valid forecast. 18 months, going on month number 19. Damn prediction – still valid.

Well, whoever can, can. Those who can’t – put their beak in the mud and begin to bubble it amateurishly.

The current wave is developing as expected. As you can see, there are still no 5 consecutive days with over 500 registered cases. And it’s already November 6th. What are the expectations?

1. The wool should continue to lie. Who else predicted this to you?

2. You continue to perform well by following basic self-defense measures and this allows the health system to resist and hold back the surge. You see – the cases cannot rise steadily above 500. And time is running out.

3. You know what needs to be done – keep it up until the middle of November, then the wave will not be able to rise until the end of the year and we will have a good Christmas holiday. It’s up to you – you determine the spread rate of the virus. So far you are doing great and the result is there – we have the low tide

4. It is elementary – do not rush where there are many people, away from coughing people if possible. This is if you want the wave to go away and no problems on the New Year holidays. Does basic caution bother you? No. And you go about your business calmly.

5. It is important that by the middle of November the wave has gone steadily down, so that a secondary peak cannot form until the end of the year and you can spend the Christmas and New Year holidays without worries. You are doing great so far. The primary peak has passed, a decline begins. Just be more careful like before. Your attention keeps the propagation factor low and the wave cannot rise.

That’s right.

I wish you health and success and may viruses and war stay away from you.

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