He killed himself in the hospital, and the nurses did not move a finger VIDEO 18+

He killed himself in the hospital, and the nurses did not move a finger VIDEO 18+
He killed himself in the hospital, and the nurses did not move a finger VIDEO 18+

Medical staff chat on the phones, get their hair done in the office. A camera recorded the horror

Blackpool, UK06 Nov. 2023, 22:39 4140 read 0 comments

A 20-year-old boy took his own life while medical staff chatted on the phones. Some of the nurses even do hair and braid while the young man takes a shower.

The mother of the boy who committed suicide faints after seeing the security camera footage.

Bren McFarlane took her own life in a psychiatric ward in Blackpool, UK.

He spent three weeks on a waiting list for a mental health unit after a psychiatrist requested he be urgently placed in a “safe place”.

Bren was admitted to The Harbor in Blackpool on 24 October 2022. The 154-bed mental health hospital provides care and treatment for adults who cannot be treated safely at home.

The boy who killed himself had a history of self-harm and attempted suicide and was considered a ‘risk to himself’when he was examined by a psychiatrist at his home in Accrington, Lancashire.

On the second day of the inquest, which took place this week, jurors viewed CCTV footage from inside his room, as well as from the nurses’ room, which has a window allowing regular observations.

Disturbingly, the staff did not thoroughly screen Bren’s luggage upon check-in and he managed to bring in an unauthorized, potentially dangerous item.

The patient was left unattended for 20 minutes. During this time he kills himself in the bathroom with the help of the sharp object, which was not detected when it entered.

During the trial, when the jury is being played the dash cam footage, Bren’s mother faints. The indifference of the nurses and their unnatural activities while on duty is shocking. Some of them are braiding each other’s braids, others are staring at their phones and chatting.

At 10.16am McFarlane went into his bathroom where he was found dead.

Attempts were made to resuscitate him, taking him to Victoria Hospital in Blackpool, but to no avail. The case continues, it remains to be seen what punishment will be given to the indifferent sisters who showed blatant unprofessionalism.

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