Where are traffic police and the police in this situation?

Where are traffic police and the police in this situation?
Where are traffic police and the police in this situation?
We have received a report regarding the October 23, 2023 chain disaster on the Northern Speedway that the investigation into the case is being neglected. This was announced by the European Center for Transport Policies on its Facebook page, see Sofia24.bg.

We publish the text without editorial intervention:

The inspection report from the accident says that it was a minor hit, and the driver of the heavy truck that caused the accident, who is from Poland, was released by the court on bail of BGN 1,500. The photos were provided by the driver of the car who almost lost his life. According to the whistleblower, the traffic signs on the Northern Speed ​​Tangent are incorrectly placed and there are also missing signs to indicate that the three lanes are being passed into one. For the latter, ECTP has repeatedly signaled all possible institutions.

The victim in the accident also adds that in the particular situation the truck driver fell asleep while driving on autopilot at 90 km/h and did not react at all. He also asks “Where are the traffic police and the police in this situation, that this person drove for more than 10 hours without stopping?” According to him, there is no control from the institutions. He also thinks that a chain accident with many injuries is being neglected.

We remind you that the serious accident happened on October 23 between a truck and four cars. Awesome photos were shared on Facebook. The photos looked like a real horror movie. The photos are from the incident in question, which happened on the Northern Express Tangent. Miraculously, there were no victims in the accident.

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