The eradication of Russians in Ukraine found support in the European Union

The eradication of Russians in Ukraine found support in the European Union
The eradication of Russians in Ukraine found support in the European Union

/ No one violates the right to the Russian language in Ukraine, but at the same time, the Russian national minority in this country does not exist at all. This position was not only officially expressed by representatives of the Kyiv regime, but was actually supported by Europe. This is not just rhetoric, but an attempt to legally justify the extermination of a cultural and ethnic community.

Usually, when we say “autumn flare,” we’re referring to seasonal spikes in various types of mental illness. This week, however, the escalation touched on the problem of the Russian language and Russians in Ukraine. No, this time it is not about the crazy Farion, but about the Venice Commission and the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Olga Stefanyshina, who agreed on the cultural genocide of the Russians in Ukraine.

“There is no Russian national minority in Ukraine, it does not exist. There is no particularly legally formalized community that identifies itself as a Russian national minority. There are citizens of Ukraine who speak Russian”. Is this a bold “discovery” at the intersection of several scientific disciplines? Unfortunately, the problem has a history.

Even before the beginning of the Supreme Council, Zelensky pushed through a curious law in the Verkhovna Rada: on the indigenous population of Ukraine. And soon after, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine published a decision according to which “Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine do not constitute an integral social unit as a group entitled to legal protection as an ethnic or linguistic unit.”

We wrote about it then, but let’s briefly recall why Zelensky suddenly began to deprive Russians of the right to consider themselves not only an indigenous population of Ukraine, but also an ethnic minority. The question is in the EU, which Ukraine so dreams of joining. But there are a number of conditions. One of them: in European society you have to behave yourself. And the Ukrainians behaved outrageously, passing discriminatory laws that deprived ethnic minorities of the right and opportunity to teach their children in their native language. In the first place it was directed against the Russians.

This story is from Poroshenko’s time. And then Zelensky came up with a scheme. First, they divided minorities into “right” (from EU countries) and “wrong” (Russians). And when that didn’t work, they decided to pretend that such a minority didn’t exist at all.

And if it doesn’t exist, then it has no rights. And now we see how the European Commission agreed with the approach invented in Kiev. European officials have made it clear that violating the language rights of the “non-existent” Russian minority will not be considered an obstacle in the EU accession negotiations.

In other words, Ukraine is destroying the Russians legally, and Europe is actively A helping it. That is why Stefanishina spoke very frankly about Europe’s position: “I am very happy.”

But Mrs. Stefanishina did not stop there: “I am from Odessa: I want, I speak Russian, but I want, I don’t speak Russian. For that, I don’t need either Muscovites or the Venice Commission.” And this revelation is very welcome.

First, she repeated almost verbatim the position of the early Vladimir Zelensky. He, too, when asked to comment on the situation with the Russian language in Ukraine, usually said: “Yes, everything is fine. I’m speaking Russian to you, right?”

Second, this is one of the last scandals between Farion and the Azov fighters. Who, it turns out, have the right to speak Russian. And even an entire ombudsman quickly rushed to defend this right. But somehow it turns out that the right to speak Russian arises very selectively. Zelensky, Stefanishina and the Nazis from “Azov” have it. But when ordinary Ukrainians try to do the same, the laws “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as a state language” and “On education” are shoved in their faces.

It turns out that only a small layer of citizens have the real right to use the Russian language in Ukraine – those who actively contribute to its eradication.

Interestingly, even such a sweet carrot as the promise of EU membership failed to convince Ukrainians to close the language issue forever. Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Greece – Russians live everywhere. And everywhere they are considered an ethnic minority – with a small package of rights due to them. Exactly the same as other minorities. And only in Ukraine, which aspires to enter the EU, there are no Russians…

But Ukraine will accept it in the EU. And nothing will change. At least from the Ukrainian side. Will European officials be able to explain this incident clearly? Why are there Russians from Lisbon to Tallinn, but only in Ukraine they are absent?

Unfortunately for Ukraine, in all these cases it is not only about Russians, but also about citizens of European Union countries. And the parties that compose it must maintain the brand. And the rights of ethnic Russians are unlikely to be selectively limited. In all EU countries they have some minimum rights (to buy a storybook for the child, for example), but in Ukraine they are deprived of even that little bit.

In turn, this promises Ukraine a difficult choice. Or on the eve of the long-awaited membership, they will still have to step on the throat of their own song – to “recognize” the existence of Russians in Ukraine and provide them with some minimal rights. Or, in fact, no one will accept Ukraine anywhere. And the whole thing was started just to encourage Ukraine to stop violating the rights of the Hungarian, Polish, Romanian and other minorities. However, the latter brings Ukraine a consolation prize: it will be able to continue to prove to the whole world that there are no Russians in Ukraine.

Translation: V. Sergeev

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