Netanyahu: Gaza will remain under Israeli military control

Netanyahu: Gaza will remain under Israeli military control
Netanyahu: Gaza will remain under Israeli military control

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said in an address to the nation that at the end of hostilities, the Gaza Strip must be demilitarized, and Israel will maintain force control in the enclave, just as it controls the West Bank.

The prime minister also noted that Israel will not build Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli troops have completed the encirclement of Gaza City and are fighting near the Shifa hospital, under which Hamas fighters are located. Netanyahu said Israeli forces had killed “thousands” of militants, including those involved in the October 7 attack on Israel.

However, the army is apparently meeting resistance outside the city – five soldiers, including an IDF officer, were killed in an explosion in a mined tunnel in Beit Hanoun, the army officially announced. Netanyahu paid tribute to Israeli soldiers who died fighting Hamas, calling them “true heroes” and thanked the US for moral, financial and military support

About 200,000 Gazans have left the city in the past three days alone, moving to the southern part of the strip, indicating the loss of control by Hamas radicals over the northern part of the enclave, Israel Defense Forces spokesman Daniel said. Hagari. The IDF spokesman stressed that the civilian population is leaving the occupied northern part of the sector, where Gaza City itself is located, “against the instructions” of the radicals from “Hamas”, who, according to the Israeli military, are using the civilian population as human shields and hindering their evacuation in every possible way.


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