“Your goals are in blood”: In Prague, they reminded of the atrocities in Ukraine in front of the Russian embassy (PHOTOS)


On November 11, a group of Czech activists condemned Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine by organizing a demonstration in front of the Russian embassy in Prague, the Kyiv Independent reported.

The rally was organized by a group of Czech and Slovak civic activists called “NAFO” or North Atlantic Fella Organization.

“We want to show that we continue to support Ukraine. We prepared a video in which we tried to make fun of examples of ridiculous Russian propaganda so that the embassy employees could see it,” said local resident Jiri Viskochil, reports BGNES.

The event was also attended by groups of Ukrainian refugees.

“Today the whole world also celebrates Memorial Day. That is why we came to support the international movement “NAFO” and once again to call on Russia to leave the territory of Ukraine,” activist Anastasia Signaevska told Radio Svoboda.

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