A 10-year-old child died after a monkey attacked him in the stomach


A cruel monkey attack on a 10-year-old child in India. The animal attacked the boy in the stomach, Indian news portal NDTV reported, citing police.

The child was playing with friends in the small village of Salki in the state of Gujarat when several monkeys pounced on the boy. One of them then sank her claws into the child’s stomach and ripped out his intestines, law enforcement said.

The boy rushed to his house and was then rushed to the hospital. However, after his arrival, the doctors declared him dead.

This is the third attack in the village within a week. The primates found throughout South Asia are herbivores. Skilled climbers of trees and buildings, they are just as nimble on the ground.

It is not known what causes the animals to attack the residents of the area. A forest official commented that he and his team were on the hunt for the “horror monkeys”. Two have been caught in the past week.

In the summer, a reward of around 230 euros was even set for the “most wanted monkey in the world”. She is believed to have been responsible for 20 attacks on people. The animal was eventually located by drone, shot with tranquilizer darts, captured and caged.


Five years ago, a monkey even kidnapped a baby. Near India’s most famous landmark, the Taj Mahal, the monkey snatched the 12-day-old boy from his mother’s arms.

She then fled with him across the rooftops. The neighbors finally managed to catch the animal, but it was too late for the baby. It died from its injuries.

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