The mother’s blood type determines the child’s intelligence


The level of intelligence is determined not only by the environment and education, but also by the genetic factor. This conclusion was reached by scientists from the Center for Child Health at Stanford University, USA. According to their research, the children of mothers with certain blood type.

Scientists have found that children of mothers with zero blood type have children with a higher intelligence quotient (IQ).

The experts’ explanation

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According to scientists, the explanation of this phenomenon is as follows: women with zero blood group, in general, have a lower chance of getting pregnant, because their eggs are more “pretentious” about the quality of the sperm.

Another factor is that these women prepare more carefully for pregnancy, which is difficult for them. They lead a healthier lifestyle, are careful in their nutrition and give up harmful habits.

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As a result of these factors, their children are born healthier and develop faster than their peers. Their immune system is more perfect and has better resistance against viruses and bacteria.

The advantages

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Experts are of the opinion that children born to mothers with zero blood group adapt more easily to external conditions, have no coordination problems. These children also have many talents – they are manifested in music, literature, humanities.

To what extent does blood type affect IQ

Scientists summarize that the influence of blood type and genes on a child’s intelligence is significant and is within 70%. But this does not mean that if you are a different blood type your child will fall behind in school.

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