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A French senator has been arrested on suspicion of drugging a member of parliament for the purpose of rape. 66-year-old Joel Guerillot, a center-right politician from the Les Indépendants party, was arrested at his home in Paris, which was searched along with his office, Nova TV reported.

French prosecutors said Guerillot, a senator from Loire-Atlantique, was being questioned for “administering to a person, without his knowledge, a substance capable of altering his reason or control over his actions in order to commit rape or sexual assault.” . The alleged incident took place on November 14.

The woman who filed the complaint with the police is a member of the lower house of parliament – the National Assembly. The message did not mention her name, and the prosecutor’s office did not provide any information about her.

The woman allegedly fell ill after drinking from a glass at Guerillo’s home. She is not in a relationship with the senator. Prosecutors said the woman’s medical tests showed the presence of ecstasy. During the search of the senator’s home, ecstasy was found. Guerillo, a banker, was elected to the Senate in 2011 and is vice chairman of the Foreign Affairs, Defense and Armed Services Committee.

His lawyer Remy-Pierre Dry said: “We are very far from the obscene interpretation that can be inferred from the first media articles.” Dry expressed anger that elements of the investigation had appeared in the French media and said he would not release “any information” on the case “out of respect” for his client and the woman who made the complaint.

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