Netanyahu: Hamas is letting civilians take the brunt


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assures that Israel is doing everything possible to minimize the number of casualties among the civilian population of the Gaza Strip – “but unsuccessfullyEfforts to protect the civilian population have not been successful primarily because of Hamas’ actions, Netanyahu said, as reported by CBS News.

The death of any civilian is a tragedy and it shouldn’t happen, that’s why we are doing everything to warn the citizens, but Hamas is doing everything to make them bear the blows, the prime minister points out.

The Prime Minister reminds that the israeli army briefed before each strike – scatters leaflets, sends SMS messages and others with such warnings and calls for civilians to evacuate. And many of them are leaving, Netanyahu points out.

We try to do our job with a minimum of civilian casualties, says Benjamin Netanyahu several times.

Gallant: Israel moves to next phase of Gaza war

He says the military has completed the capture of western Gaza City and cleared the area of ​​Hamas forces.

According to the information of the Ministry of Health in the Hamas-controlled territory of Gaza, for 40 days of war, the dead are already around 11,500. There are no data from other, independent sources at this stage.

We recall that a few days ago there was a verbal spat between French President Emmanuel Macron and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after Macron appealed to Israelto stop killing babies, women and the elderly”. Netanyahu answered him, that the world community should condemn Hamas, not Israel. Between Israel and its allies from the West there is not a little tension precisely along the line of civilian victims and the humanitarian situation in the sector.

The Israeli Prime Minister also stated that after the neutralization of Hamas, Israel has no intention of occupying the Gaza Strip, but intends to retain military control over the territory to prevent the resurgence of the terrorist organization.

We must demilitarize and deradicalize GazaBenjamin Netanyahu points out.

Netanyahu: The current Palestinian administration should not rule Gaza

There are also doubts that the elderly Palestinian president has enough authority to rule the enclave

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