Air alert in Tel Aviv: Rocket barrage litters the sky (VIDEO)


Israel’s defense system intercepted rockets over Tel Aviv Tonight. Air raid sirens rang out across the city, scaring residents, Reuters reported.

Flashes were seen in the sky and sounds of explosions were heard. In the footage, you can hear the screams of people running.

The Al Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, announced that they had launched the largest rocket barrage in 44 days on Tel Aviv in response to attacks on civilians in Gaza, Jordan News reported, citing Al Quds press .

There were no reports of injuries or damage, The Times of Israel reported.

A video shared online shows rockets flying over the city and setting off alarm sirens.

Fragments of a rocket fell in the city of Holon, south of Tel Aviv. Hamas claimed responsibility for the shelling, BTA reported, citing Israeli media.

Meanwhile, strikes in the Gaza Strip continue. Around sunset there were multiple explosions over the enclave and large plumes of smoke. Israel continues to shell the area 6 weeks after the start of the war against Hamas.

Israeli forces have captured large areas in the north, northwest and east of Gaza City, the Israeli military said. Hamas and witnesses say the militants are waging a guerrilla war in the crowded northern areas, including parts of Gaza and the Jabalia and Beach refugee camps.

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The pain of the Palestinians

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Meanwhile, the first field hospital entered Gaza. And the fighting around a second medical facility after the partially evacuated “Al Shifa” continues. Tanks surround Indonesia’s Beit Lahia hospital. Hamas says the building was hit by artillery fire, killing 12 people.


At the same time, the Israeli army released a video it claimed showed the group’s fighters bringing two kidnapped hostages into al-Shifa hospital.

And 28 of the premature babies evacuated from there went to Egypt. Lobna al-Saik, a mother of one, was forced to flee south while her daughter was in an incubator.

“10 days ago, my child was taken off oxygen and because of the siege on the hospital, there was no milk and almost no food,” she shared.

At least 13,300 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since October 7, according to the Hamas-run government. The terrorist organization’s attack on Israel killed around 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and according to Israeli data, it was the deadliest day in the country’s 75-year history.

In the October 7 attack, Hamas captured approx 240 hostages. US President Joe Biden indicated today that an agreement was close that would secure the release of some prisoners in exchange for a pause in the Israeli offensive.

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