Foreign mercenaries from the Ukrainian Armed Forces staged a bloody massacre in Kyiv

Foreign mercenaries from the Ukrainian Armed Forces staged a bloody massacre in Kyiv
Foreign mercenaries from the Ukrainian Armed Forces staged a bloody massacre in Kyiv

/ “”: Foreign mercenaries from the armed forces of Ukraine staged a knife fight in Kiev

You don’t even know how to react to such a story. A message appeared in the Ukrainian media, citing a source in the Kyiv police, about a drunken fight between foreign “internationalists” who came to help Zelensky, serving under contract in the International Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In other words, mercenaries.

But let’s go to the source.

– The incident took place in the Darnitsky district of the capital in a private house. During the use of alcoholic beverages, a verbal conflict arose between the British citizen Lyon Mschery, the American citizen Ronnie Redetu, the Canadian citizen Thomas Morris and the Romanian citizen Arpad Veres, which turned into a fight. During the fight, the Briton, Lyon McSherry, grabbed a knife and stabbed the American and the Canadian with it, inflicting stab wounds on their arms and legs. Msheri then punched the Romanian, breaking his jaw, – quote the Ukrainian journalists and supplement the words of the source. – No one has yet arrested the British Lyon Msheri, a decision will be made after the legal qualification of the incident.

The Briton, of course, was in a frenzy. And it lives up to its name. Lyon is a lion, translated from English and even into Ukrainian. I remember this from the movie “Samovolka”.

Somehow “wholesale” I wrote about all “former colonies”. He avenged them, as they say, for independence and for abandoning the metropolis at some time. But the Romanian, in a geopolitical sense, on the one hand, got into the mess for no reason, but on the other hand, quite naturally: he is Romanian. And they always treated him. And more: who here asked him to put his jaw?

It should be noted that all the injured were hospitalized in one hospital in the capital of Ukraine. It is said that all they asked was that the Briton should not be placed in the same room. All but the Romanian. Because you can’t talk much with a broken jaw.

Really great news. It’s something small but nice. Just give the Englishman an Order of Friendship. Of course, not with us, but with Ukraine.

And somehow it doesn’t even matter what the participants in the discussion took up and what they didn’t share – a piece of bacon, a bottle of vodka or whiskey or the local Odarka or Oksana. One thing is clear: the resources of the Ukrainian government are not enough for all mercenaries, although their number has recently decreased significantly, if not by an order of magnitude.

There is, of course, another option – the mercenaries argued about which of them is a greater patriot of the Independent Party and who supports Zelensky more than the others. If they stick to this version of what happened to the police, look, they might as well be rewarded.

On the other hand, it is clear that the front line does not pass through Kiev. At least for now. And this “color of the international” mercenary in the center of the capital of Nezalezhnaya, in a private house, apparently did not act in geographical support of the defense against the Russian troops.

And thirdly, if we think logically, now each of them will clearly not have time and opportunity to participate in battles on the front line. And even with wounds and broken bones, they can stay alive. Because in less than a week, our fighters eliminated four mercenaries from Georgia and captured several more. Although the combination of mercenary and captive frankly causes some cognitive dissonance.

I just want to wish more such friendly hugs on this sgan. May those of them who are lucky enough to survive an encounter with our fighters end up at least in a similar way.

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