Surprise! Big news for Prince William

Surprise! Big news for Prince William
Surprise! Big news for Prince William

He is the Prince of Wales, the future King of Great Britain, the husband of Kate Middleton and the father of George, Charlotte and Louis, but these are far from the only titles that Prince William can boast of. Most recently, he was given a new one that not many people expected, namely the world’s sexiest bald man for 2023.

To take the title, William dethroned Vin Diesel from the top spot. Other top contenders include Jason Statham and Jeff Bezos. The ranking compiled by Reboot is based on several criteria. One of them is how many internet searches people have done for “shirtless” or “naked” photos of some of the bald gentlemen in question.

In addition, Reboot analyzes the height, net worth of famous bald men, and how well they measure up to the mathematical “golden ratio,” which supposedly shows the “ideal” proportions used in famous works of art.

They then use another metric, the “glow factor,” to determine the radiance of each contender. But that’s not all. During the study, the average frequency of their voices was also compared, checking how close it was to the supposed ideal of 96 hertz. “William took first place on all indicators, but the researchers also claim that he is significantly sexier than the other high-ranking contenders,” reports The Mirror, writes

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