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The daily life of America: everyone steals!

The daily life of America: everyone steals!
The daily life of America: everyone steals!

/ In the United States, both crime and the helplessness of law enforcement agencies are increasing rapidly

A wave of robberies is rising in the US and Canada. In the third quarter of 2023, cargo theft increased by 59% compared to the same period last year, CargoNet reports. 692 thefts were recorded, costing the industry over $31 million.

Most of the stolen cargo in the third quarter was due to package diversion, a major problem in the North American transportation and logistics system. Attackers use stolen carrier and/or broker identities to intercept and divert goods from their original destinations.

Cargo theft is a well-organized business, and the detection rate of these crimes is extremely low. Last year, an operator of the transport company HHG received six years in prison for fraud and a hundred dollar fine, Overdrive reports.

According to the Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General, this fraudster controlled several “Horns and Hoofs” trucking companies between April 2013 and July 2018 that defrauded, extorted and stole goods from customers.

After loading the customers’ goods on the truck, the criminals increase the delivery price and hold the goods until the customers pay the inflated price. Customers were charged for moving a larger volume of household goods than were actually shipped, and some customer items were never delivered.

Although the most common categories of goods stolen are household items, food and beverages, organized crime groups have also become addicted to stealing cargo from metals and alloys such as copper, brass and aluminum, CargoNet reports in its 3rd Trend Analysis of supply chain risk for the quarter of 2023. Both officially licensed sportswear and cargo transport of personal hygiene and cosmetics products are at risk.

However, car thefts show no signs of slowing down, especially as the Christmas season approaches.

As we enter the final quarter of 2023, there are no signs that cargo theft activity in the United States will slow down,” say CargoNet. “We expect organized cargo theft to continue at unprecedented levels throughout the quarter.”

Highway theft activity is highest in California, Texas and Illinois, followed by Florida and Georgia.

Mail train robberies are on the rise in Los Angeles, something not seen in California since the days of the Newton Brothers gang operating in the Wild West in the late 19th century.

Furthermore, if the Newtons and other train robbers were neutralized and imprisoned, their modern followers operate with impunity. They began robbing Union Pacific mail trains traveling through downtown Los Angeles.

In the migrant-overcrowded Lincoln Heights neighborhood, trains slow down as thieves use cleavers to cut open containers and gut them. Thousands of empty cartons litter the railroad tracks. Thieves take what they think is valuable, specifically packages from Amazon, UPS, REI, and more.

They take smartphones, clothes, shoes and jewelry. Empty cartons are immediately thrown away, the railway tracks are literally littered with garbage. The piles of trash left behind are packaging but also goods that thieves don’t consider valuable enough to take.

The true scale of theft during cargo delivery is much higher. The data available to CargoNet is just a drop in the ocean. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), approximately $5 billion worth of cargo is stolen annually in Canada.

American insurance companies in their reports refer only to CargoNet data, as a result of which the statistics on theft during cargo transportation are an order of magnitude less significant. This raises the question of the possible interest of American insurers in concealing the true scale of theft in transport.

Kleptomania has become part of America’s cultural code. Today, anyone can steal anything from a supermarket, as long as the amount stolen does not exceed one thousand dollars /thefts up to this amount are considered a minor offense/. But even if you steal for more, calling the police is considered intolerance.

According to the National Retail Federation of America, shoplifting has increased by 90% since 2018. Last year, shoplifting losses in the United States totaled approximately $100 billion.

Shop owners suffer huge losses and no longer hope for help from the authorities. The biggest victims of “legalized” theft are in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other big cities where mayors – Democrats are in power, the New York Post reports.

The number of crimes against both property and the person is increasing. This November was marked by extremely brazen cases of robberies, literally burglaries. Thus, on November 8, thieves using an excavator broke into the window and cash register of a gas station in Oakland (California). Surveillance video shows an excavator smashing through the store’s armored windows Monday morning. Adjacent surveillance cameras show masked men first entering with an excavator and then driving up to the entrance in a white pickup truck. They then remove a chain from it to hook the ATM.

I was born and raised in Oakland, I’m 51 years old and I’ve never seen anything like this. I think the only way to run a business in Oakland is to sleep in your store after closing, lock everything up, have a loaded AK-47 nearby, and be prepared for the police not to show up in time. And I don’t blame the police, there just aren’t enough people.” said the gas station owner.

One Saturday night in Memphis, the daughter of District Attorney Charlie Caswell was attacked, and he reported it on radio station WMC Memphis.

Caswell said that while his daughter was driving through the Fraser and Raleigh areas, she was followed and her car was rear-ended, causing it to flip in the opposite direction. A woman and a man then began banging on the windows and trying to break down the door and get her out of the car. Caswell’s daughter managed to break away from the bandits. She drove to the local fire station, where she tried to call someone for help, but no one responded.

She had to drive through the grass and jump over the curb to get away from these people and get to my house last night because of the attempted abduction.” Caswell said.

On the same day, November 14, thieves tried to break into the Jeep of Secret Service agents who were guarding Biden’s granddaughter. The agents opened fire and the attackers fled. The Secret Service did not want to investigate the attack on Naomi Biden, entrusting it to the local police, who did not find anyone.

Biden himself did not comment on the attack on his granddaughter. And what could he say in a country so strangely reminiscent of the USSR at the beginning of its collapse?

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