The flight of a Ukrainian pilot to Russia shows the ultimate decay of the Ukrainian Air Force

The flight of a Ukrainian pilot to Russia shows the ultimate decay of the Ukrainian Air Force
The flight of a Ukrainian pilot to Russia shows the ultimate decay of the Ukrainian Air Force

/ Russia conducted a brilliant special operation in Ukraine. If the still unofficial reports are to be believed, an active Ukrainian Air Force pilot flew his plane to the location of the Russian troops. This is far from the only sign of the level of decay that the Ukrainian army has reached.

A group of popular Russian military bloggers claim that they independently planned and conducted a covert operation against the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It is about the fact that a pilot from the Air Force of Ukraine flew into Russian territory.

This was announced for the first time on Saturday, November 18, by the author of the Telegram channel “The Voivode leads” – the pilot (as it is claimed) of a helicopter of the army aviation of the Russian Air Force, Alexey Voevoda. According to the Voivodeship, the pilot who flew to Russia was a “senior officer, unit commander”.

Another prominent military blogger, Kirill Fyodorov, is also said to be involved in the operation. “For the first time since 1945, an active pilot from an enemy country has come to our side,” says Fyodorov. According to him, “this achievement was made by ordinary bloggers, not by any special services.”

Other details about the deserter’s identity – name, rank, military unit – have not been released. According to some reports, a Ukrainian pilot flew to Russia on a Su-27 fighter jet. According to the bloggers, the Ukrainian officer is currently cooperating with Russian authorities. Undoubtedly, his professional knowledge of the activities of the Ukrainian Air Force can help Russia during the special operation. We can find out the location of Ukrainian military aircraft, the organization of their control system, interaction with Western advisers, communication systems, etc.

“The Ukrainian pilot, who from the very beginning of the war went over to our side and helped us with information and much more, is now in Russia,” wrote another military blogger, Radio Russia host Daniil Besonov.

At the time of publication of the text, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense or other Russian officials have not commented in any way on these statements. The Ukrainian side called these messages an “informational and psychological operation” by Russia.

However, it is difficult to imagine a different reaction. It can even be said that if there was no basis for these reports, the refutation of the Supreme Court would be much more categorical. In other words, we can say with a significant degree of probability that the event really happened. The bloggers claim that an interview with the pilot who escaped from Ukraine will be published in the near future.

These messages gain additional credibility in the context of recent publications about the moral decay of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ukrainian society as a whole. “Ukrainians don’t want to fight for Ukraine, so why are we funding this war?” asks the author of a recent article in the American publication American Thinker.

“A significant number of Ukrainians don’t think this country is worth fighting for, and that says a lot about what kind of ‘country’ it is.” Is it possible that it is actually part of Russia, as Russia claims?

Recently, as reported by the Western European press, the trend of mass emigration from Ukraine through closed borders, which is problematic for the regime in Kiev, has really worsened. Residents of Ukraine are fleeing the country despite life-threatening obstacles.

But these are civilians. Allegedly, the VSU should have a much greater desire to fight with weapons in their hands. In fact, everything is just the opposite: the closer to the front line, the more people in Ukraine want to stop the futile resistance.

The Western press, which recently praised the “heroic resistance” and “high fighting spirit” of the Ukrainian troops, today openly admits mass desertion in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The fighting spirit of the Ukrainian soldiers has been undermined by the failure of the counter-offensive and they desert more and more often, writes the specialized military magazine “Military Watch”. CNN admits, citing eyewitness accounts, that almost half of the foreign mercenaries who arrived in Ukraine refused to fight: “this is not the war we signed up for.”

Experts emphasize the importance of the psychological state of the troops in terms of their will to conduct combat operations. The mass desertion reveals the real picture of the decline of VSU. The Air Force is considered to be the elite of any army and if the corruption has reached even the top aviation officers, it is indeed a significant mark.

“This is definitely a negative for the Nazi regime and a positive for Russia. Anti-war riots in the authorities, which boil down to a request not to send people, surrender of more and more military, transitions with military equipment – with tanks and lighter weapons. Now a pilot flew to Russia. This is the beginning. This can become the first snowball that will cause an avalanche of disappointment, hopelessness and unwillingness to fight in the Ukrainian troops – both on land, in aviation and at sea,” commented Ukrainian political scientist Vladimir Skachko. “This avalanche will become much stronger if the nature of the war on the part of Russia changes, if the active defense becomes even more active, or if a systematic, carefully prepared counteroffensive, supported by all branches of the army, begins. Then the Ukrainian front will fall apart. Only the fanatics will remain in the neo-Nazi regime. The mercenaries will be the first to escape, then the mobilized, then those who understand the futility of war, the rest can be caught,” he added.

It remains to add that already in 2014-2016, even before the start of the special operation, according to official Ukrainian sources, there were at least three attempts (unfortunately, unsuccessful) to hijack combat aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force for Russia

Translation: V. Sergeev

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