Russia: Coexistence with the current “regime” of Ukraine is impossible

Russia: Coexistence with the current “regime” of Ukraine is impossible
Russia: Coexistence with the current “regime” of Ukraine is impossible

Russia cannot coexist with the current “regime” in Kievbut Moscow can withstand NATO’s might for as long as it needs to fully demilitarize Ukraine, Russia’s ambassador-at-large said on Tuesday Rodion Miroshnik, quoted by Reuters.

President Vladimir Putin sent troops into Ukraine in February 2022, triggering a major ground war and the most serious confrontation between Russia and the West since the Cold War.

Russia controls 17.5% of Ukraine’s internationally recognized territory. The Ukrainian counter-offensive failed to achieve significant success this year against Russian forces.

“The current regime (in Kyiv) is absolutely toxic, we don’t see any possibility of coexistence with it at the moment,” Russian ambassador-at-large Rodion Miroshnik told reporters in Moscow.

His post was created to collect evidence of alleged Ukrainian crimes against civilians.

Miroshnik said Ukraine committed crimes against civilians and violated human rights while NATO supplied banned weapons to Ukraine. Ukraine and the West accuse Russia of war crimes in Ukraine, a charge Moscow denies.

Miroshnik said Russia can resist the US-led NATO military alliance for as long as necessary, to defeat Ukrainian forces in what Moscow calls a “special military operation” (SMO), adding that the West would eventually lose interest and the current authority in Kiev would collapse.

“Once the danger is eliminated, it can be considered as achieving the goals of the SVO,” Miroshnik said. “We can resist NATO just as much as we have to fulfill the tasks that the president formulates.

President Vladimir Putin is portraying the war as part of a much broader conflict with the United States, which, according to the Kremlin elite, aims to split Russia, seize its vast natural resources and then turn to settling scores with China.

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