A plane missed the runway and fell into a bay off the Hawaiian Islands, 9 people reached the shore (VIDEO)


A US military plane missed the runway on landing and crashed into a bay off the Hawaiian Islands. The incident happened yesterday, none of the passengers on board were injured, the Associated Press reported, citing representatives of the US Armed Forces.

A P-8A Poseidon has missed the runway at the US Marine Corps Base in Kaneohe Bay. The military site is located about 10 miles from the city of Honolulu on the island of Oahu.

After falling, the machine remained partially submerged in the shallow waters of the bay. All nine people on board made it to shore.

P-8A aircraft are designed for reconnaissance missions and are often used to search for submarines. They are manufactured by the American company Boeing and have many parts in common with its 737 passenger jets.

There is no word on how long the plane will remain in the waters off the Hawaiian Islands. However, local residents are concerned about the environmental impact.

“I am very glad that everyone survived the crash. But I think someone should also look at the impact the airplane is having on our marine life. There is jet smoke, antifreeze and other toxins,” commented Kahaluu local Johnny Kaina.

Footage of the downed plane is circulating on social networks.

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