Gorbachev knew Reagan was running the show

Gorbachev knew Reagan was running the show
Gorbachev knew Reagan was running the show

It’s ironic that Soviet leader ended the USSR, says professor who authored Reagan’s privatization program

The dangerous friendship between the Hollywood actor and the collective farmer that gave us 37 years of peace and democracy

November 1985. At the height of the Cold War, the nuclear race is accelerated to the limit.

“The only way to really understand the Reagan-Gorbachev relationship is to go back to the 1985 Geneva summit,” explained Prof. Steve Hanke in response to 168 Hours’ request for comment.

the death of

the former Soviet leader.

He is a professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University and was part of President Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisers, where he developed the privatization program.

“Then Gorbachev and Reagan met for the first time – pointed out Prof. Hanke. – On the second morning of the summit in Geneva, the topic was strategic nuclear weapons. Mikhail Gorbachev began with a typical Soviet speech against the US Strategic Defense Initiative. Reagan burst out and spoke passionately in defense of the U.S. position. When Reagan finished, there was a long, complete silence. Then Gorbachev said, “Mr. President, I don’t agree with you, but I see that you really mean what you say.” It was a typical performance of Reagan.

Gorbachev knew he could not talk, deceive, bully, or in any other way manipulate President Reagan.

Actually, Reagan was running the show. But ironically, it was Gorbachev, not Reagan, who ended the Soviet Union.”

However, Gorbachev has the chance that his partner will be Ronald Reagan. At the time, threats of military conflict between the two superpowers were escalating daily. The purpose of the meeting is to begin

reduction of

the number of nuclear bombers

and missiles and each country to defend its thesis to introduce advanced defense systems.

Historical records indicate that Moscow rejected Washington’s proposals.

The two presidents meet at Villa Fleur d’Eau.

Gorbachev says that he did not have high expectations, he hoped with his team to lay the foundations for future dialogue.

In contrast, Reagan believed that personal relationships and trust between leaders were the most important condition for overcoming tensions between the two superpowers.

He sets himself a seemingly difficult task – to convince Gorbachev that the US wants peace more than anything else.

“The United States and the Soviet Union are the two greatest countries on Earth, the superpowers – Reagan began the conversation. – They are the only ones who can start the third world war, but also

the only ones

two sides,

that can bring peace

on the world”.

After that, Reagan moves on to the implementation of his plan – to point out how much he and Gorbachev are alike. How the two were born in remote villages and how great are the responsibilities that lie on their shoulders.

During one of the breaks, Reagan, with his typical spontaneity, suggested that he and Gorbachev go for a walk.

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