Russia showed Europe the way out of the energy crisis – “Nord Stream 2”

Europe’s energy security is impossible without Russia. This was stated by the Speaker of the Russian Parliament Vyacheslav Volodin, quoted by TASS.

In Telegram, he warned that European leaders should lift sanctions and launch Nord Stream 2otherwise they will further complicate the lives of their citizens.

The moment of truth has come for the heads of European states, Volodin noted. According to him, they they have two ways out of the situation “which they created for themselves”.

“First, remove the illegitimate sanctions against our country and launch Nord Stream 2, or second, leave everything as it is, which will lead to economic problems and will further complicate the lives of citizens“, summed up the chairman of the Duma.

Germany rules out approving Nord Stream 2

He will not support the reduction of sanctions either

He added that last year European countries bought 341 billion cubic meters of gas, of which almost 50% was Russian pipeline gas.

Sanctions against our country led to an energy crisis in European countries, who initiated them, emphasized Volodin. As a result, he noted, French President Emmanuel Macron tried to smooth over the gas shortage dilemma during a trip to Algeria, but failed to do so.

Even if all pipeline gas exports from Africa, the Middle East and the CIS countries were redirected, Europe would not be able to compensate for the 62.8% of the volume previously supplied by RussiaVolodin was categorical.

Poland: We must dismantle Nord Stream 2

But a complete embargo on Russian gas and oil is not possible when it comes to Europe

After on February 24 Russia started a war against Ukrainethe German government that previously supported the Nord Stream 2 project, terminate the certification procedure of the gas pipeline.

Nord Stream 2 was built to bypass Ukraine in the supply of Russian gas. The government of former Chancellor Angela Merkel steadfastly championed the project despite warnings that once it was completed, Russian President Vladimir Putin could launch a war against Ukraine.

On March 1, a week after Russia invaded Ukraine, the company Nord Stream 2 AG – operator of the gas pipeline “Nord Stream 2” bankrupt and at the time of bankruptcy the only shareholder in the project was the Russian state company Gazprom.

In late July, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if Europe wants natural gas, it must remember that besides Nord Stream 1, there is also Nord Stream 2.

Vladimir Putin reminds that in addition to 1 there is also

Vladimir Putin reminds that, in addition to 1, there is also “Nord Stream 2”

Putin made his statement from Tehran

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