Ukrainian intelligence: Russia may send another 350,000 troops to Ukraine

Russia may send up to 350 thousand military personnel to the battlefield in Ukraine. This was stated by the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vadim Skibitsky on the air of the Military Television of Ukraine, quoted by UNIAN.

“In the Russian army, many units are engaged only in the protection and defense of objects both on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. In addition, Russia has a powerful contingent in Syria. Moscow has a wide network of military bases on the territory of the former Soviet alliance – in Armenia, in Tajikistan, the contingent in Nagorno-Karabakh, the contingent in Kazakhstan. Thus, when (these forces) are collected, 300-350 thousand are obtained, which Russia can use in the war against Ukraine,” said the representative of the military intelligence of Ukraine .

He noted that the lack of personnel in the armed forces of the Russian side is clearly expressed after the numerous sacrifices that the occupiers gave already in the first days of the war.

According to Skibitsky, in March-April, the Russian leadership decided to use in combat operations only servicemen who signed relevant contracts with the armed forces of the Russian Federation. When the number of dead and wounded servicemen among the occupiers increased significantly, there were fewer people in Russia who wanted to enter into a contract for military service.

Putin signed a decree to increase the size of the Russian armed forces

Their number was last established in 2017

The Russians have not given up their intentions to take over Donbass, now they want to reach the administrative border of Donetsk region before September 15.

To the east the armed forces of the Russian Federation have focused their main efforts on conducting offensive operations towards Bakhmut (Artyomovsk) and Avdeevka. In the direction of Kramatorsk and Novopavlovsk, the enemy is trying to improve the tactical situation. In addition, Russia defends logistics routes in the Kharkiv region.

At the same time, the counteroffensive of the armed forces of Ukraine continues in the south. During the day, the Ukrainian side announced the liquidation of over 100 Russian soldiers. In the direction of Yuzhny Buzh, the attack of the Russians near Patyomkin was repulsed.

Due to heavy losses, in particular the regular destruction of logistics routes, Russia is transferring additional equipment and personnel via pontoons to the Kherson region.

Information has emerged that the Russians are regrouping and deploying additional troops in the Donbass and Zaporozhye region – to renew the offensive.

ISW: It is becoming increasingly difficult for Russia to organize referendums in the occupied territories

Ukraine continues to maintain operational silence about the counteroffensive

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