Expected: “Gazprom” suspends deliveries via “Nord Stream” indefinitely

Expected: “Gazprom” suspends deliveries via “Nord Stream” indefinitely
Expected: “Gazprom” suspends deliveries via “Nord Stream” indefinitely

During the maintenance work on the last operational turbine of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, the Russian concern Gazprom discovered a fault, until the removal of which it was forced to completely stop the transport of blue fuel through the facility. This was stated in a statement of the holding, quoted by TASS.

Gazprom discovered an oil leak while carrying out work on the turbine at the Portovaya compressor station, carried out jointly with representatives of the Siemens company, the company said.

A letter about the detected malfunction and the need to fix it was sent to the president and CEO of Siemens Energy Christian Bruch. Until the defects in the operation of the equipment are eliminated, gas transportation along the “Nord Stream” has been completely stopped, the holding states.

“Gazprom” presents photos of leaked oil, adds Reuters.

The news of the complete shutdown of supplies is not a surprise, but further evidence that Moscow is systematically following a plan of arbitrary, technically justified gas restrictions and shutdowns in response to the EU’s support for Ukraine, which is subject to Russian aggression.

First, President Vladimir Putin asked “enemy” countries in Europe to pay for gas in Russian rubles. Poland, Bulgaria and Finland refused to do so and Russia cut off their supplies. Several European energy companies pay for gas through Russian bank accounts that convert euros into rubles. But this did not save them from reducing supplies.

In mid-June, Russian gas supplies to Europe via Nord Stream were cut to just 40 percent of the pipeline’s capacity, causing problems for Germany, France and Italy, and the price on the European gas exchange TTF in the Netherlands began to plummet. is growing. Berlin accused Moscow that its actions were deliberate and that the decision was political. However, Gazprom claimed that the reduction was due to the repair of the turbine. The turbine was repaired in Canada and returned to Germany, but Gazprom refused to accept it on the grounds that Western sanctions made this impossible. On August 3, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz went to Mülheim on the Ruhr to see the turbine and declared that it was ready for operation and that Germany could at any time send it to Russia, which was only required to send the customs and transport documents.

Then, in July, deliveries along the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline were stopped for a 10-day preventive measure. After that deadline, however, supplies were not restored, but further curtailed to just 20 percent of capacity because of another turbine, which the Russian company said should be shut down.

Nord Stream 1 was last shut down for maintenance on August 31 and was due to resume operations in the early hours of tomorrow.

However, the resumption has now been postponed indefinitely. This is likely to further inflate energy and fuel prices and bills, which is clearly part of Moscow’s economic battle against the EU.

The German Ministry of Economy: gas supplies will be there despite the shutdown of “Nord Stream-1”

After “Gazprom” announced today that it is completely stopping the gas supply on “Nord Stream 1” for the time being, the German Ministry of Economy pointed out that gas supplies are not threatened, DPA reported.

“The situation on the gas market is tense, but the security of supplies is guaranteed,” said a spokeswoman for the department this evening. She added that in recent weeks, Germany has already seen that Russia is “unreliable” as a gas supplier. Therefore, “we continued firmly and consistently with measures to strengthen our independence from Russian energy imports, and as a result we are better prepared than we were a few months ago,” explained the representative of the government.

This is also the position of the head of the German Federal Network Agency: “It’s good that Germany is already better prepared, but now everything depends on all of us,” Klaus Müller wrote on Twitter, quoted by Reuters. He called on fellow citizens and companies to limit the consumption of blue fuel. “Maintaining appropriate stock levels and the requirements for substantial savings are becoming increasingly important,” he explained.

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