Russia has warned the US not to send long-range weapons to Ukraine

Russia has warned the US not to send long-range weapons to Ukraine
Russia has warned the US not to send long-range weapons to Ukraine

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned Washington against supplying long-range weapons to Ukraine. He was adamant that the United States was moving on the edge of direct involvement in the conflict, the Associated Press reported. Ryabkov also recalled the Russian military doctrine, which foresees the use of nuclear weapons in the event of a threat to the existence of the Russian state, BTA reported.

“We have repeatedly warned the United States of the consequences that may occur if they continue to supply Ukraine with weapons,” Ryabkov said. “In effect, they put themselves in a position close to what could be described as a participant in the conflict.” Ryabkov warned that “the very thin line that separates the US from becoming a participant in the conflict should not create an illusion for fierce anti-Russian forces that everything will remain as before if they cross it.”

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Speaking on Russian state television, he stressed that Russia will continue its offensive in Ukraine until it achieves its goals. “Russia is capable of fully protecting its interests, and the goals of the special military operation will be fully achieved.”

Deliveries of US HIMARS rocket launchers (HIMARS) have boosted the strike potential of the Ukrainian army, which is using them to strike key infrastructure sites. The truck-mounted systems use missiles that can be precisely guided and reach targets up to 80 km away.

So far, US officials have held off on giving Ukraine longer-range missiles for the Hymars launchers, which can reach targets up to 300 km away and could potentially allow the Ukrainian military to strike areas deep inside Russian territory. territory.

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“We warn the United States not to take provocative actions, such as the supply of longer-range weapons that are more devastating,” Ryabkov said. “This is a path that leads nowhere, fraught with grave consequences, the responsibility for which will be entirely on Washington,” the Russian diplomat said.

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