Ninova is furious! That’s who he’s suing

Ninova is furious! That’s who he’s suing
Ninova is furious! That’s who he’s suing

BSP leader Kornelia Ninova wrote a Facebook post in which she said she would sue all those who claimed that during her time as deputy prime minister and minister of economy, Bulgaria exported weapons to Ukraine.

Here is the full text of her post:

“Sooner or later, the truth will come out. Yesterday, the Acting Minister of Economy Stoyanov confirmed: during Ninova’s time, there was no evidence that weapons were exported to Ukraine and no transfers were made by Kintex to offshore companies in Dubai. And now what’s next? All those who claimed the opposite you have lied and you are going to court. I have filed four cases so far. Now there will be more. I will convict you and there will be justice!

1. While I was a minister, a powerful, paid, manipulative campaign was organized against me and the BSP for exporting weapons to Ukraine and taking commissions. They lied to you with one single goal: to bring down the BSP and compromise me, the chief of staff, Kaloyan Metodiev, and my team in the ministry. Well, now they have admitted – we have not exported weapons either through intermediaries or through offshore companies. And this is due to the BSP and our parliamentary group, which stopped the decision submitted by GERB, DB and PP on the export of arms to Ukraine.

2. Official Minister Stoyanov admitted that a transfer from Kintex to Dubai was not made during my time and that it happened at the official office when he himself was already a minister. The truth is that this contract with a company in Dubai was signed in 2015. During the time before I became a minister and after me, translations were made there. At the time when I was a minister – none. Now what’s next? There is the word DANCE. I’m glad that the truth came out, someone has to take responsibility. That’s fair!”

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