The Kremlin has spoken about the gas. The most severe condition

The Kremlin has spoken about the gas. The most severe condition
The Kremlin has spoken about the gas. The most severe condition

Russia set the most difficult conditions for gas. The Kremlin has announced that it will restart gas on Europe’s largest pipeline, Nord Stream, only if sanctions against Moscow for its military aggression in Ukraine are lifted. This was said by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Monday, quoted by Interfax.

Peskov was asked if it is possible to say that the issue of pumping gas on the Nord Stream depends entirely on sanctions and that supplies will resume if punitive measures are lifted or eased. “Of course. The same sanctions that do not allow the servicing of the turbines and their relocation without the appropriate legal guarantees and that do not allow these legal guarantees – it is these sanctions introduced by the Western countries that have brought the situation to what we see now,” he replied.

“The problems with pumping gas arose due to the sanctions imposed on our country and on a number of companies from Western countries, including Germany and Great Britain. There are no other reasons that would lead to pumping problems,” he told reporters.

On August 31, Gazprom halted the supply of blue fuel to Germany (and thus to Europe) via Nord Stream due to the need to repair its only working gas compressor. The shutdown was supposed to last for 3 days, but on September 2, the Russian energy giant announced that the pipeline would be down indefinitely. The declared cause was an oil leak at the Portovaya station.

Nord Stream was already flowing gas at just 20% of capacity anyway, after Moscow cut volumes by a factor of two months ago. Then the cited reason was again a fault in Siemens Energy turbines. They were repaired in Canada, and the country even exempted them from sanctions and returned them to Europe, but the Kremlin refused to release a larger flow of the blue fuel.

Vladimir Putin’s spokesman announced today that only one Nord Stream gas compressor remains in operation, but “it breaks down, accidents occur and this leads to a stoppage of pumping”. “Given that the sanctions are still in place, given that they make an absolute mess – legal and practical – of the maintenance of all the assemblies and turbines, for now we can only hope for this one unit that somehow it will it will be possible to put it in order,” continued the representative of the Kremlin. He stressed that due to the sanctions, the entire work of the pipeline “is based on one block that needs serious maintenance”. News of the indefinite suspension of Nord Stream sent the price of gas up 30%.

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