The IAEA today are also enemies of Ukraine

The IAEA today are also enemies of Ukraine
The IAEA today are also enemies of Ukraine

The results of the visit of representatives of the IAEA to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant were best summarized by the official spokesman of the Ukrainian-Nazis, Mykhailo Podolyak. I will quote, although I do not like to give the floor to the enemies: “I do not like these international institutions at all. Often appearing cowardly and unprofessional, they are not only lazy in peacetime, but never ready to work in extreme conditions. They are all ineffective, you don’t trust them at the entrance.”

As you know, if your enemies praise you, think if you are doing everything right, and if your enemies quarrel with you, then there is no doubt that you are on the right path. Unfortunately, the recently deceased first and last president of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, did not understand this simplest, most elementary idea. Well, let God judge him, he escaped from the earthly judgment, but no one will escape from the heavenly one.

And so, Kyiv’s rudeness, profanity and willful disbelief in the conclusions of the IAEA inspectors, which have not yet been voiced, show that, in its view, this special operation is a complete failure. And now the Ukrainian propaganda will do everything so that the conclusion of the experts can go unnoticed or immediately be harshly criticized for the “pro-Russian position”.

What was Kyiv most likely counting on when it welcomed the IAEA inspectors and blessed them to travel to Energodar? That while the inspectors are slowly moving, the Ukrainian sabotage group will take advantage of the distraction of the Russian command in the direction of Kherson, capture, regardless of losses and the possible risk of radioactive contamination, the nuclear power plant, after which the international inspectors will record: the station is under control of Ukraine, and Russian troops strike the nuclear power plant. And at best it will call on the world community to stop it immediately.

I’m sure the Western media had already prepared the relevant headlines: “Ukrainian warriors of light prevented another Chernobyl”, “Russian orcs tried to bomb IAEA peace inspectors” and other non-science fiction.

It did not work out. More precisely, it turned out to be the exact opposite. The inspectors arrived without any problems, talked to the NPP workers and civilians and, as befits the responsible specialists, did not give hasty statements, but took time to prepare a professional opinion.

And according to Kyiv, they should have immediately condemned Russia and demanded that the nuclear power plant be transferred to the control of Ukrainian fighters or “NATO peacekeepers”.

It is not surprising that now in Kyiv every hour they criticize the IAEA mission more and more sharply and noisily, questioning the professionalism of the experts and their impartiality. Panikowski-style shouts have already begun at the head of the mission, Raphael Grossi: “Who are you?! No, who are you?!”

What is surprising here is perhaps the silence of UN Secretary-General António Guterres, who was nevertheless able to speak openly about the situation. Gratitude to Russia for ensuring the safety of the IAEA representatives was finally expressed only by its official representative Stefan Dujarric. He will probably also soon be among the “enemies of Ukraine” on the site “Peacemaker” and will be forced to apologize and explain that he did not mean this at all.

By the way, if I were the Ukrainians, I would have been wary for a long time because of the ever-growing list of those who are not ready to recklessly and insanely support Kyiv.

Let me remind you that Amnesty International has already appeared on the list of “enemies of Ukraine”, which, it seems, for the first time in the entire existence of this organization, wrote the truth and was so frightened that it withdrew its conclusion that the Ukrainian soldiers hide behind civilians. Although proof of this is enough

The enemy of Ukraine became the pope who dared to express his condolences for the brutal murder of Daria Dugina.

Ukraine’s enemies are all those European politicians who dare to think about their constituents and not just about arms supplies to Kyiv.

There is no doubt that as Ukrainian politicians become more and more inadequate, the list of these enemies of Ukraine will only grow and grow.

For more than a decade, the US and Europe have acted against Russia on the principle of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”: this was the case in Afghanistan, this was the case in Chechnya in the 1990s, this is what is happening now in Ukraine. Osama bin Laden and the Chechen separatist terrorists have already shown the perniciousness of this policy. For some reason, these two lessons weren’t enough. Well, let’s hope that Ukraine’s lesson to the West will pass without radioactive contamination. Let’s hope so.

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