THE DAY IN SEVERAL LINES: The blackmailer’s mask has fallen

THE DAY IN SEVERAL LINES: The blackmailer’s mask has fallen
THE DAY IN SEVERAL LINES: The blackmailer’s mask has fallen

Technical malfunction – this was the reason launched by the Kremlin for the shutdown of “Nord Stream 1”. Today, Dmitry Peskov revealed that while the “collective West” imposes sanctions on Russia, pipeline supplies will not be fully resumed. Thus fell the blackmailer’s mask.

Moscow sanctions 25 new US citizens for their support for Ukraine. Among them are the names of Hollywood stars such as Ben Stiller and Sean Penn, who recently visited Zelensky in Kyiv.

Russia sanctions 25 US citizens. Among them - Sean Penn and Ben Stiller

Liz Truss is the new Prime Minister of Great Britain. She thus became the third female Prime Minister in the history of the United Kingdom after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.

Liz Truss - the new Prime Minister of Great Britain

Contracts for legal services for over BGN 400,000 have been concluded by the companies in the system of the Ministry of Economy and Industry with a certain law firm. This shows a ministry check. Most of the contracts were signed in the June-August period, on the principle of direct negotiation, and many of them have serious clauses for early termination penalties. In the mentioned period, the principal was the former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Cornelia Ninova.

MII: Without an auction or competition, a law firm received contracts for over BGN 400,000 from the state

And for the finale – a question: “Which is the country of the rising sun”? If you guessed Japan – you are wrong. Russia deserves this nickname. And it is not anyone but Vladimir Putin who is telling you.

Putin: It's not Japan, it's Russia

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